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  1. Protective rendering systems has now ceased trading....as I said before we did actually get insurance backing but the insurance company went bust so even then there are no guarantees. We did also make a partial credit card payment. Seems like partial credit card payment for any type of building work should be a given.
  2. Protective Rendering Systems appear to be trading still. I checked my insurance backing and it is genuine although the company has now been struck off by GDGC for non compliance.
  3. Harvil Shaw was sent to prison for 2 years in July for fraud and consumer protection offences. I can't post the link because I am under 10 posts. He was investigated by Worcestershire Regulatory Services.
  4. Would this have been covered under buildings insurance ? I think you have to notify your insurer that you are having work done.
  5. Protective rendering systems are definitely delivering gdgc backed insurance now. We had to wait a while though.
  6. He did come round personally to do the sign off with us. Make sure that happens at least so you can raise any concerns you may have.
  7. Looks like a lot of these branded wall coating companies operate in the same way ie they sub contract to crews/subbies The subbies probably work for lots of different companies. That's the part that is most misleading and it's not just Harrison/Harvil that is operating in this way. These are not real companies with employed staff that they can easily send to fix faults.
  8. Happy to PM you pictures...not sure I want to be a show house lol. The polish work ethic has to be seen to be believed. However I suspect if you were able to employ them directly the price would be much cheaper.
  9. Yep ...we don't have an insurance backed certificate yet ...only one from Pro-tective rendering which may not be any use for that much longer.
  10. On a positive note recently Pro-tective Rendering used very hard working skilful polish sub-contractors on a job for us and Harrison/Harvil was very responsive. It remains to be seen how much longer this latest company will last.
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