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  1. Sorry dont quite understand what you want me to do
  2. Will be back tomorrow with the list. But all debts are now with dca's. Credit agreement cant be found with virgin, tsb, creation, barclaycard x 2 and next. We (my wife and I) have debts solely, we own house in joint names.
  3. I am sure same questions are posted over and over. we have 70k in unsecured debts mainly credit cards. I have cca'd all of them, some still havent replied, some have replied saying they can't find agreements (approx 25k), some have replied with agreements with my signature. At the moment, I am not paying anything to any of my debts. Without checking my file I believe all my debts defaulted in 2014. The amount of letters I get through the letterbox is making me sick and depressed! What I am looking for advice on, is my best exit strategy, for exam
  4. Appreciate, your advice. With regards is there an argument to force them to default me, by not paying or renegaging on agreement?
  5. Hi, To make you aware just been checking Noddle, it appears my Barclaycard was August 2004, it is not showing defaults on this only 'arrangement pay' and hsbc flexiloan May 2006, there is in total £11000 here. Cheers
  6. We have spoke to stepchange last year, took the decision to do a self managed dmp. We are plodding on... We are not looking to move house again, other than our annus horriblus 2013 we have never really need any form of credit other than car finance. So really wouldn't require applying for any more credit. So would there be an argument just to make token payment for the foreseeable future (5 years), as we have defaults already. In that time save enough and then do f and f's. What do you think, IVA has been mentioned last year, but we really felt that we didn't want to go down t
  7. Ok, so here we go... Key= M (Mine) W (Wife) Credit Card Natwest 2013 (M) Natwest 2013 (W) Tesco 2013 (M) Tesco 2013 (W) Asda 2013 (Creation) (M) Asda 2013 (Creation) Halifax 2013 (M) Halifax 2013 (W) Barclays 2007 (M) Barclays 2013 (W) Virgin 2007 (MBNA) W MBNA 2013 (M) Santander 2013 - Now been moved to Mint (DCA) Sainsbury 2013 - Now been moved to Westcot (DCA), approx. 10 months ago Bank of Scotland 2013 - (M) TSB 2013 (M) HSBC Flexi Loan (2006) (M) Ikea - Finance Next (2008) - Brecon Debt Recovery 2014(W) Barclay Partner Finance 201
  8. Will send list tonight, what other information would you want to see.
  9. Thanks. Will get a list, how do you "attack the enemy"?
  10. Briefly, majority of our debts were 2013. However my wife thinks she got her next account in 2007/8 and I got a hsbc flexi loan in 2006 and hsbc overdraft prior to this.
  11. We got ourselves in "quite" a mess last year. We are doing a self managed dmp, we have been making pro rata payments to all our creditors, cc's, loan, overdraft and next/Ikea. We have already got defaults. We are finding it difficult to stick to our budget, I was considering making £1.00 token payments, trying to save and then make offers. I have considered PPI, I am sure we will have some, could there be an argument for trying to reclaim bank charges as this would get rid of a chunk of what we owe hsbc. All advice welcomed. Cheers
  12. Good evening this is my first post to this forum. I am looking to send some f and f letters to DCA's in the week, can anybody advise on what level I should aim at I was thinking starting at 20% of outstanding balance. Can people give me an idea of their experiences/successes. Cheers
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