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  1. Just to update all on this - I won my POPLA appeal. Thanks to all on here! Parking Eye didn't provide evidence that they had a contract in place - what a joke! They are either incompetent or without a contract absolute cowboys of the highest order. Keep fighting people!
  2. This has gone to POPLA now. I got the "evidence" from Parking Eye through the post yesterday. To me it just 100% confirmed what a [problem] this is. The signs at their site were tiny, not lit and away from the motorists view! They also didn't include evidence that they have the right to operate the land. Just their word. We'll see what POPLA do soon!
  3. Thanks for this and all the help you give people here. I've not admitted any liability as per your suggestion. I have sent my appeal. Personally I fundamentally disagree with this practice in general. Regardless of signs, etc. It is in my view simply a [problem] and eventually made illegal.
  4. It was dark and hard to tell. Turns out it served a nearby football stadium. If I'd seen a sign saying £100 if you enter and leave after a few minutes I'd never have gone near it.
  5. It had an ANPR capture, date is less than 14 days. Jut shows a poor quality picture of the car front and back. Creditor stated clearly.
  6. I received a notice to keeper asking for £100, discounted to £60 if paid within 14days. £100 for 20mins in there! No clear signs seen, other than it was a private car park. It was dark also. Assumed it was an industrial estate and remained with the car the whole time. Naively assuming it'd be no trouble and would move on if asked. Planning to appeal on the grounds of unreasonable charge and will use the parking cowboys letter! Wish me luck!
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