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  1. Hello, Yes we have a fair bit and I think about 11 years to go. Jan.
  2. Thanks, tried to reclaim but was rejected by GE, so im heading off down the small claims court route. I'm halfway though my mortgage, so don't want another. It all confused me this morning. Jan.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm sure all will be fine for your friend in court. What a fab friend you are!! Same letter as me.....I pay by chq, nothing telling me how to do that. Well surely they can't be any worse than GE!!! Jan.
  4. Thanks.....do you know if my arrears stay with GE? Last week they complimented me on my recent payment record and offered to recapitalise, now this letter. I'm confused. Thanks, Jan
  5. Have you had a letter? From past experience I wont phone so will write to them. I'm very curious. Jan
  6. Hi, I'd really welcome any advice. I have a mortgage account with GE, it has a SPO on it. We've not missed a payment in 2 years. I received a letter today telling me that my account ownership was transferred last week to Engage Credit. Is this just me or all mortgages? Do I still have arrears? Any advice greatly received. I've trawled the internet and found nothing of any interest. Thanks, Jan.
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