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  1. below is part of what I wrote on 3rd February 2015. Probably they didn't believe me. I hope you will deal with my claim quickly and fairly as I don’t have anymore time to waste but, if I am forced to look elsewhere for justice and understanding, I will do so in a small claim court where my final claim will be substantially bigger.
  2. I have also used a local Royal Mail address so, in the event of going to court, I don't have to travel far.
  3. I have filled in court papers online today and paid £35 court fees. Below is what I wrote. will keep you informed guys. Many thanks for all your help. On 12.12.2014 I have posted food supplements, sold on ebay.co.uk, to a customer in Peterborough using a Special Delivery Service, barcode (Censored) which was lost. A replacement was sent out on 06.01.2015 using the same Special Delivery Service, barcode (Censored), which was delivered on 08.01.2015. Royal Mail is refusing to pay for the full value of the lost item despite being coerced to buying extra insurance at the point of sale.
  4. I read the post and it could apply as I have used Special delivery. if I knew RM only pays purchase price I would have used signed for saving £4 in postal charges.
  5. I want them to admit liability for loosing my item and for my time when pursuing a claim. I want them to make it clear in any post office that they will pay the price paid not sold in the event of a lost/damaged item. I want them to change the wording on Special delivery stickers from "Guaranteed" to "maybe"
  6. I know we hate some European rules but, I think, we should get together and pursue RM all the way to the courts in Bruxelles. What are they saying: I can loose your parcel but I am not responsible? I don't think will wash in the 21st century. I know we need competition, and will be using competitors, when possible, from now on. But I still want to take them to court and post a photo of the cheque here for everyone to see. is RM above the law? Why should we provide all information to RM, including our suppliers? When posting we are asked the value of an item not how much we have paid for it. I feel we are in the right.
  7. So what are you guys saying? I am wasting my time? Should I just provide a copy of my invoice and move on? It doesn't feel right
  8. There are a lot of unhappy RM customers out there. I am sure that it must be something we can do. What are they trying to say? our time is unimportant?
  9. Could you be more specific please? I was coerced in buying a service I shouldn't have. I was asked the value of item not the purchase price. If I had I would have saved £4 in postal charges.
  10. When you send an item, the cashier always asks you "What is the value of the item?" If you are selling an unwanted gift worth £100, its value is £100, end of story. If they are only going to compensate you what you paid for it, they should clearly ask you "How much did you pay for this item?" to make sure people realise what's going on. Asking how much its worth when they take your money to pay for special delivery, and then saying "Sorry, we only pay how much you paid for it" when they lose the item is misleading. I sold some food supplements which I bought outside UK (still EU). They lost my parcel (sent special delivery), did send out a replacement 10 days later by special delivery which was received. I did get back the same standard letter "proof of value" as RM will not accept selling price as proof of value. I would like to take them to small claim court but I need some help and pointers. I do have the original invoice (in another language) but I feel that I shouldn't have to supply this information without a court order. This is private information between me and my supplier. Also, I have wasted a lot of time dealing with this claim already, and feel that purchase price will not cover my time. I have wasted ink, packaging materials, and time to post and repost the same item and a "reasonable compensation" should be paid on top of selling price . Also I feel that the name "guarantee by 12" written an all special delivery is a misleading statement which should be changed to "maybe delivered by 12". Also I do have loads of signed for items (over 200 for the past 2 years) which has been delivered but the RM system still shows that they are still going through the system for delivery. So I have paid (£1.10) extra for a misleading service which others might call fraud. I would appreciate any pointers or advice as I would be taking RM to court as a matter of principle. Many thanks Cat
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