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  1. Yeah, Unfortunately they produced a bill for the account. They have finally taken the account back In to their own name and have allowed me to set up a reinstallment plan. Minus the middle man. And have agreed to update my credit file to show regular monthy payments are being made. I have also requested they update my credit file from January as it shows missed payments when in fact they have prevented me making payments thought thier incompetences .
  2. How do I go about proving that they didn't send one. I assume simply saying so won't be sufficient lol
  3. Very little comms between now and then only the discussion with the complaints dept recently. I have not received any bill for the account to date. What effect will it have iIf I challenge that they didn't apply a default after the 3rd missed payment? would they not just update the status to default? Thanks
  4. Hi DX no not done a SAR yet. The account is shown as 6 payments late and has been updated monthly to show this since 2012. There has never been a default issued or or registered against the account. It's shown as "Delinquent" on my Credit File. I want to set up a payment plan and clear off the account to stop it showing as a missed payment each month.
  5. Hi Everyone I have an account on my credit file for British Gas which shows a balance of £900 for a property I resided at in 2012. I have written to British Gas to request information relating to the account and to set up a repayment plan. British Gas are reluctant to provide any information relating to the account or balance and referred me to Past Due Credit solutions informing me they are managing the account. When I contacted PDC they informed me the account was closed and the were no longer handling it. Again I referred this info back to British Gas where my compl
  6. Thanks SilverFox, Yes defo. And as it stands the fastest way to get the PDL of my credit file is to wait out the default. I am going to try an renegotiate a better deal with them, if possible. I have been quite fortunate so far and had 4 Defaults removed from my Credit File, through sheer perseverance. I have this and another to get the full house, so to speak. Hopefully perseverance continues to pay off
  7. thats my worry. I think the best way would be to present them with this concern, without agreeing to the proposal, and see if a better solution can be agreed upon. If not i will just wait out the Default
  8. Hi everyone I have a dilema I could use some advice with. I challenged a Default with QuickQuid for a previous PDL which was Defaulted in 2012. My argument was that they had failed to act responsibly by preventing me from setting up a payment plan until after the account was sold and a Default had been filed. Had they agreed upon a repayment plan the account would have been settled within a couple of months without any Default being registered or the account being sold on. Ultimately my complaint was escalated to the FOS who, in agreement with QuickQuid, have agre
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