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  1. I have had more than a few bad experiences with Seagate drives. Every one I have ever bought has failed in roughly the time period you describe. From what I can gather from people in the industry they are well known for being sub-standard. I always spend the extra £10 or £20 now and go for something like WD, or sometimes even Toshiba. I think you'll have no trouble finding evidence for their unreliability. Hope your data was safely backed up.
  2. Check very carefully your original paperwork. I think the term "unlimited repairs" or "unlimited replacements" is used. Six repairs/replacements is a LONG way from unlimited I think??? Unlimited is more than 100, 1,000 or even 1,000,000? Don't give up, they are expecting you to give up. You need to be like a dog with a bone, but in a nice way...
  3. https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guides-and-advice/around-the-home/bathroom-safety/ https://victoriaplum.com/blog/posts/electrical-products-and-bathroom-safety Looks like this is going nowhere, allowing a child of six to take an electrical item into a bathroom with a bath full of water was clearly a BAD idea is only going to call into account your parenting skills. Maybe give it up?
  4. When you get your reply it will likely talk about "neglect". It will likely say taking any electrical item into the bathroom is a bad idea. Your daughter is only six, so they will hold you, as her parent, responsible for her actions. So, re-send your email to the CEO. The current CEO has now left to run Boots, but they will still be monitoring his e-mails. Send it now, don't wait for their standard argumentive response. The address you want is sebastian dot james at dixonscarphone dot com Good luck, 4 years @ £4.50 a month is £216. You might get about half of that I reckon. Ask
  5. Can I call for a pause for a minute. The words "oven" and "cooker" keep coming up. The OP talks about an "oven", I have taken this to mean a built-in or built-under, oven only. I define "cooker" to be a full blown electric cooker, ie oven, grill and hob. As per the last few posts, I agree an "oven" is ever likely these days likely to come with a 3 pin plug. A cooker would NEVER? come with one? I think a few of us maybe getting crossed wires here (pun intended...) Maybe OP can confirm?
  6. Have you consulted your electrician? If it went first time after he had fitted it, then did he test it correctly after fitting? Did he test it at all? Is it right to go after Currys or to go after him? Do you need an independent engineer to do a report?
  7. Unfortunately it looks like you don't have a leg to stand on. If this payment has been made for 5 years with no question then I think the law would probably take the view that either you had agreed to it or it wasn't important to you. It's worth checking your paperwork and seeing what you are entitled to. It's likely that according to the agreement, under certain conditions you are entitled to a new machine. You've probably got accidental damage cover which you may be able to claim against. I am sure there are a million and one things you could claim agai
  8. Firstly, I don't think you've "signed anything away". I should hope that by law you are not even allowed to sign your rights away. The fact you've added a footnote to say "you were forced to sign" is also in your favour. As for removing the TV from it's box, it will be sent away in something called a "tellytainer" which is far more safe and secure than the original packaging. It will be bubble wrapped and secured. If you REALLY don't want a repair and want a replacement then maybe request (not demand) to speak to a manager. Appeal to their common sense and put you
  9. What does working day now mean? Every day is a working day now. Big stores like Currys are only closed to comply with the law. Currently this means Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. 363 days of the year are working days. Also, making a reservation is not any form of contract. Many people reserve items, approx 50% actually collect. A reservation is NOT a contract. A contract is only made when payment changes hands. If this is not your view then you need to approach your MP to lobby for a change in the law. As it stands, you can reserve a
  10. From Currys website: How does Reserve & Collect work? It’s simple: When you order, you reserve your selections at a local store that has stock, and we give you a unique reservation code to present in store You collect when you like from 1 hour after you order until the end of the next day You pay on collection (once you’ve checked out, we’ll email you an order confirmation containing full collection details) /end of quoted text. Reserve and Collect transactions are NOT bound by internat sale regulations, but by ordinary in store rules. No money changes
  11. I love this programme and I could watch it for hours. It intrigues me to see this inside look on human nature and how people react when cornered. It makes me think we are not too far removed from nature and the animals. The psychology (have I spelt that right?) is really interesting. The initial encounter when the debtor denies all knowledge of the creditor is priceless, and as the story unfolds they very slowly reveal the real truth. There are excuses and sob stories. Probably about ten percent of the cases are true, hardship, fallen on hard times, trying to do the right thing, cases. T
  12. Please explain. What is your complaint? What is your problem? What do you want from Currys?
  13. Firstly, your wife should contact her card company and cancel any future payments, otherwise the same amount will be taken every month, forever. Secondly, cast your mind back to the purchase and see if you can remember signing the form. If it was signed, then, as a previous poster said, it is legal, even if you didn't read it. For the amount involved, it wouldn't really be practical to take it to court I don't think. However, what I would do is go to the branch, ask for a manager, and explain what's happened. Trust me, you are DEFINITELY NOT the first person in this
  14. I am really pleased that you have got a resolution that is to your satisfaction. I think you have just proved that however many laws and legislations exist, if we just talk to each other as human beings and be reasonable towards each other then anything is possible. We don't necessarily need laws and regulations to treat each other nicely and appreciate the other's point of view. All the best.
  15. I thought that was the case. Do they have to give you any reason?
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