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  1. Surely to register a default there needs to be some sort of credit agreement? A cash card has no credit features on it and no scope to every get any on it .
  2. Hi I have a default on my account from bank of Scotland. I had a account with them for a number or years. A payment came out of my account which I didn't recognise and they refunded me. They then took the money back. Leaving my account in the negative balance. I buried my head in the sand and eventually it defaulted . It turns out the payment I didn't recognise was mine the company just used a different name. I never said this to bank of Scotland I just ignored their letters. My question is, is their defaul
  3. Hiya Looking for advice. Amigo loans gave me a guarantor loan when my credit file was extremely low 8-10 defaults. I complained to them about 18 months ago and they issued a final response saying they did nothing wrong. And j didn't take.it further as I.didnt know what to do. I have now been advised I should take my case up with the ombudsmen which I did but have been told it is too late for them as amigo issued their final response 18 months previous . The only way they could investigate if I had a valid reason why I didn't escalate this to them wit
  4. Hiya I don't know.if this is something this forum can help me with. I had a account with ee and for 2 years everything was great. Then I got a hard period in my life and got addicted to gambling which I funded by topping up through my.phone credit through a feature called boku. My phone bill went from £40 a month to £700-1000 . Every month my phone would be disconnected I would phone them.to reconnect a extra few days pay my bill . And then use the phones to deposit another £700-£1000 . This happened for nearly a year . Finally one of t
  5. Hiya Many years ago on this site there was something called default removal templates to send to creditors . In the form of letter one, then a second letter then a third . Sometimes these were successful sometimes not I was just wondering do these things still work
  6. The charge back was for a item of furnature bought that was damaged shop refused to refund money I put a dispute in with the bank who refunded the money until they investigated but then said shop was in the right and released payment . the default on account is registered at wrong address , they admitted they sent it to old address from 2years ago and were at fault, and there was never a credit agreement for the account in believe as it was very basic . They also agreed to remove default but only gave 30days
  7. Hi I have had my halifax account for 13 years. Its a cash card account with no credit facilities available on this type of account. I did a direct debit charge back for £1167 which the bank refunded but then took back and sent to merchant which left my account -£1167 . I never noticed this and they closed my account and placed a default on my account . When checking default I found that they registered it at my old address and sent all letters to that address . I complained and they admitted the mistake and gave a £50 goodwill gest
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