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  1. Small Claims Court in many cases, is the only way to go with SW. Good luck.
  2. Hi Happyhill. If SW sent one of their technicians to look at your sofa and they have put on their report that there was a problem with the fiber filling, at such an early stage in your ownership of the suite then that could be a manufacturing fault. See what they put on the report when you get it. If you bought the sofa on finance, then inform either your cc company or finance company, as they should help you with this problem as they have a duty of care towards you, and may help with an independent report. When looking for a company to do an independent report, try and find one who is not co
  3. Once you have an independent report in your favour to challenge SW's report, send a letter of intent to SW telling them you have such a report and you intend to take your complaint to the Small Claims Court claiming any additional costs for any report you have paid for. You do not need to go through the Furniture Ombudsman. The only way to have a truly independent decision on your sofa, is through the SCC. As long as you have your own independent report showing defects not due to any wear and tear as SW have suggested to you, this is enough to challenge SW in the SCC. SW will know this from
  4. Well, it looks as if you are on the way to a successful conclusion with your complaint with SW. It is YOUR money after all. I wish you all the best.
  5. Under filling is a common complaint with SW, and 'dressing' is unlikely to make things better. Have you informed your credit card provided that you have a complaint against SW? Sometimes they can offer to help with an independent report on your sofa. However, getting a copy of your inspection report signed by the technician who has visited you, will show you exactly what is on this report. Do not just take SW's say so as to what the report says.
  6. SW have asked others for £10 for a copy of the report so this is not unusual. Some have ended up paying, while others have not. If you disagree with what SW have told you, you need to see this report. Should you decide to take matters further regarding your complaint with SW, you can add this £10 to the costs you will claim from the company.
  7. Good choice !. Have you told your Credit Card provider you are having trouble with SW? Sometimes your CC provider will help regarding the cost of an independent report if you tell them you are challenging SW, they do have a duty of care to you regarding your purchase. However, make sure that the report is done by a company who are not affiliated with the Furniture Ombudsman. That way, it is truly independent.
  8. SW cannot refuse to send a copy of the technicians report. Put it in writing, and tell them you want a copy of the technicians report. They can send this either by post, or more recently, they have been sending them via email. Did you get the name of the SW employee who refused to send the report? Always make sure you get the name of whoever you deal with at SW. The excuse you have been given is a common one regarding the stuffing of the cushions. Once you have this report, you can then challenge them with an independent report of your own. Many have had success with their complaints with SW u
  9. Hi Please can you tell me if any technicians have inspected your suite, how long you have had the suite and what the problem is? Thanks
  10. Hi You said the ombudsman ruled against you. Please can you tell me if you received a copy of any reports done on your furniture by the technicians.
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