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  1. Thank you for your reply CitizenB. He did indicate he was from the company involved and appeared to have access to a file that recorded the contact last summer. Before the conversation ended he said "I may call back" which he never did. Like I said, I was advised that the deed was moving to closure in January but still no letter of discharge. I wondered if anyone else in here had a similar experience. I read somewhere that it could take 4-8 weeks for this process to be completed so maybe I should call them end of March?
  2. Hi folks, just joined and looking for advice. In January 2012 I entered into a 3 year trust deed. After about a year I sustained a serious head injury and was left with brain damage which meant I could no longer work or afford the £200/month payments. I contacted the company and they seemed very helpfull and agreed that while I was on benefits I would no longer need to make the payments. Last summer I was contacted by them and they asked if I could have a letter from a medical professional dealing with my case to confirm my injury was long term with a view to cl
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