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  1. Thanks for all the advice and support, I had a call from the warranty manager today and the claim has been passed
  2. Hi I paid for the car with a debit card and the water pump and thermostat were apparently covered under warranty even though it has come to light the invoices were processed internally due to a warranty administrator problem.
  3. Thanks I have copies of the invoices for the three visits to the first dealership, to add insult to injury network q have no knowledge of the three visits to the first dealership, the dealership apparently have a warranty administrator problem and invoiced the work internally with a view to send to the warranty company when their problem is resolved? the senior warranty engineer is looking into the claim again in light of the new info.
  4. Hi hope someone can advise me, we bought a Vauxhall zafira 1.6 petrol 2011 plate in sept 2014 with a 12 months network q warranty. In January we had a engine light come on, I checked under the bonnet and noticed there was hardly any coolant in the expansion tank, I topped it up and the light went out. Took it to a local Vauxhall dealer to get it checked out, after much scratching of heads they fitted a thermostat saying the thermostat had partially closed and pressurised the system to such an extent it lost coolant through the expansion bottle. We took it away but checked the coolant level a few days later as it didn't seem to be running correctly it had dropped down again, second visit to dealer resulted in a new water pump. The wife noticed after two weeks the heating had stopped working and the coolant had dropped again, we took it back for it to be checked out I suggested a head gasket issue, they acknowleged the coolant had dropped again but topped it back up and did a block test which was negative then said they had performed various checks but couldn't find a fault and asked us to keep an eye on it. We weren't happy with this, after a couple of days the coolant had dropped, we decided to take it to another Vauxhall dealership who found water in the cylinders and suspected head gasket we gave permission for them to strip it down. They found the head gasket had not failed but the engine block had warped thus water was escaping in between the block and head. An engineer was requested by the warranty company, they rejected the claim saying the head bolts had loosened over time and caused the warping and therefore not a sudden failure and not covered. What do I do now, do I go to motor codes?
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