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  1. Hi Thanks for replies. I have definitely not paid anything for at least 8 years. But just wondered does statute barred start from the date they note a default, or from if or when last made payment or contact with them. Do you think as they wrote saying CCJ and then made offer of paying off, they do not have a leg to stand on? thanks
  2. Good afternoon all This is my first post on this forum. I received a letter from the lowell group saying they had checked my credit file and see no reason for not paying and that they believe i work etc etc and that they will be applying for CCJ. Two days later i receive a letter offering me a discount of 75% saying they will mark as partially satisfied and close my account. Now i have not made a payment or acknowledged the debt since 2007, but on looking at my credit file it says default November 2009. Would I be correct in thinking that it will not be statute barred until November 2015? Thanks
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