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  1. I'm not sure what to add though i got so confused with it all
  2. yes ive updated with dvla and all other areas but was not sure about this, would they not be able to see its been changed i will send back an email saying i have changed address and have no further evidence i think i may just call and pay them now i really am annoyed with this whole process and want rid
  3. have finally heard from this parking charge again I have an email from the solicitors Wright Hassall giving me opportunity to provide more evidence because of the time that has passed (nearly a year ago) which I do not have they said if they do not hear after 7 days then they will review it and decide on the appeal any ideas on what I should do next? or what to expect really didn't think I would hear again as its been so long but this was put on hold for the beavis case apparently now they are picking it up again I would appreciate any help =) I'm really confused with it all now I also have moved since this started I assume they will know this and send correspondence to my correct address now I only received an email so far don't want anything to arrive at my old address and I'm not aware of this and end up with a CCJ or something for non payment if they reject my appeal
  4. Can anyone shed any light on this letter or what it actually means? [ATTACH=CONFIG]58555[/ATTACH]
  5. I have now uploaded in pdf so the docs can be viewed easier =) Can anyone advise?
  6. Hi guys sent off my popla application and had not heard anything more until now, parking eye have sent the information through that they have sent to POPLA also i will attach this and am wondering what i should do next?
  7. on the popla forms it asks for name and surname am i still avoiding naming myself on here too
  8. SO i have a letter template is it better to do this online and do i enter all my actual details for popla
  9. Oh i see how do i delete that post and thank you! obviously never done this before
  10. can anyone direct me to where i can find the Popla appeal on the forum tried looking but dont know what im looking for
  11. Oh thanks guys! im just trying to upload the letter so its larger I said on my letter to them To whom it concerns I am appealing PCN ..../***** Further to my first letter which has had no reply and your second notice of parking charge now £85, I was not the driver of the vehicle but the driver has asked to cancel this charge or provide a valid and correctly issued POPLA reference as there were no visible signs for parking charges and the driver was on an out of town visit so does not know the area. Regards Registered keeper just uploading the reply letter too
  12. Hiya I have appealed my pcn I received and I have now received this letter does anyone know what I need to do now or have any good advice of how to do this now
  13. So i sent a letter which they ignored and Sent me a reminder notice? Any ideas what to do now? As they are asking £85 now?
  14. So I sent the above letter and they sent another reminder saying it's now £85 should I re send my letter?
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