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  1. Hi I know this is from a few weeks back but I have just had a similar issue with the tax credit office. I am a single parent and work part time, when I am at work my daughter goes to nursery 3 days per week. A couple of years ago I had the dreaded concentrix letter looking at my childcare, I sent them all of the information they requested and they claimed I owed them over £2000 which they deducted weekly from my payment. This left me in severe hardship as in I couldn't really afford to get to work or pay all of my nursery fees, anyway I eventually paid it back and my payments when back to normal although I was now struggling with debt as I had to rob peter to pay paul. A year later as I was on my online account I filled in a the financial hardship form on there website to say that the overpayment had resulted in myself being in hardship, a few weeks later I got another compliance check through the door this time for B and C compliance operations who are apparently part of the tax office and I knew from experience with concentrix that this wasn't likely to be good. Again I sent them all of the information that they requested showing all of my payments etc, and again a few weeks later my payments are cut again, so I called the compliance man named on the letter to be told that the reason for this is that I had not informed them when my 3 year old started her 15hours free term time, I knew this was not true as I contacted them on webchat the day she started then and they reduced my payments. I sent them a SAR requesting the webchats (still have not received these) and made a formal complaint. The complaints department agreed that I was right and that I had informed them so it didn't make sense, they paid £80 compensation and put my payments back up, however once again I am in arrears with my bills due to the time it took them to sort it. I would make a complaint and keep fighting they are not always right. I have always informed them of any change the moment it happens as I worry if I owe people money!
  2. Yes thank you, I was trying to open them in word instead of excel hence the reason it was not working, will start working on them tonight
  3. Hi sorry for the delay in updating I have been waiting for the SAR to come back, something I found Interesting firstly they are claiming that I still owe them 1552.39 which they are kindly offering to write off, not sue why I haven't asked them for anything other than the SAR yet, I find this interesting though as I have had a DCA company by the name of DLC chasing me for quite some time now only asking for around £500 or just under. on the credit agreement I have also been charged £1295.24 for finance charges and an additional £300 as admin fees! I am an administrator in profession and personally I'm now thinking I need to up my hourly rate! I was also charged GAP insurance and the PPI which in total came to 2362.56. I was paying 46.72 per month Now I know that I only had around 8months of payments left when they took the vehicle. my question now is can I also claim back the other charges on here? I also can't get the CIS sheet to open it appears to be encrypted however I am at work so it could be our computers.
  4. I have the SAR back from DAF oddly enough a final response to the complaint I have not yet made regarding PPI lol both arrived in the same week a few days apart, I have not even filled the questionnaire in yet, but they have sent me the standard response of get lost. I am looking for a link to download the CISsheet etc. Although I am not sure what to do about the response, they also stated that as it is from 2004 I can attempt to make a complaint to the ombudsman but they were not regulated I wont get anywhere? do I give up now?
  5. This confuses me as my niece was taken to court by these people, They stated that they knew she was watching TV because her neighbour let them in and they heard through the wall? She had not let them in her property and in actual fact the only thing that would of been playing would of been a kids dvd, as her TV Ariel blew down over a year ago and she can't afford to have it repaired.
  6. Thanks for you reply, will get the SAR posted tomorrow, on going through the threads thanks again
  7. Hi the form they have sent me is an FOS form, I have got the SAR ready to go, I am off work tomorrow so that is going off first class recorded, will let you know when I get a response to that a nd also see what other fees are on there. I am certain there was only around £800 owing on the vehicle anyway and they auctioned it off yet still claim I owe them over £500 something does not add up
  8. Hi there I am not great with wording things so I will try my best here. I took out a car with Yes car credit back in 03/04, I was young and stupid I know. When I purchased the vehicle the salesman told me that in order to purchase the car I had to also take out the PPI otherwise it would be declined, now in 2007 with only 8 months left to pay on the vehicle ( a vehicle I had paid way over the odds for in the first place) I became unemployed and fell behind with payments, a man rang me and said he was coming to collect the vehicle to be sold at auction as I hadn't made in payments in 2 months, no notices were served just a few phones calls from yes car and then a man saying I had to give it back which I found quite intimidating, almost bullying in a way. At the time I did not know my rights my own stupid fault I just thought I had to hand the car back so when this man turned up at my door I did, all I was given was a tiny compliments slip to sign that was it. (I have moved house since and don't have it now) anyway the car was gone and sold at auction, I then began to get debt letters from Direct auto finance saying I still owed a few hundred pounds, demanding payments etc. Then came the PPI scandals and I decided to refuse to pay as I don't believe I owe them anymore having paid thousands already and claim back the PPI. I have tried twice now with the company and both times have been told to get lost and that I signed and accepted to pay so it was tough basically. Then I started getting letters from DLC demanding payment so I complained again saying that I felt intimidated to hand back the vehicle and that in fact I had owned more of it than DAF and I believed the PPI was missold, they responded saying they would investigate and I got the usual response of it wasn't missold etc but they took the other part of my claim seriously and had passed it back to DAF to investigate further. Now all of a sudden DLC have sent me a PPI questionnaire to fill out on behalf of DAF and are also continuing to investigate the claim of how the vehicle was repossessed. I am going to fill out the questionnaire but my question is am I wasting my time again as they stated the last time it was their final response, has anyone ever been successful with these people? Hope this makes sense
  9. Just a quick update, sorry for the delay it has been a hectic month, I rang the court as I was not sure how respond to the letter or who to respond too. They are sendin me a form to apply to have the order set aside. The court claims there is no time limit on this type of order because I did not attend the hearing? not sure if this is correct. I know I am responding later than expected to it, but after a nasty fall with my 2 year old I have just had 2 operations on my arm, Like I said a hectic month. I will keep you updated I doubt I will get anywhere but you never know.
  10. Ok thank you, I am on going through it all now, in the meantime what do I do about that court letter as it doesn't even give me a way to pay that is all I received just that letter in an envelope, are the bailiffs just going to turn up?
  11. What is an SJ? the only thing that I have received from the court is the the thing I posted above, all other letters before the hearing state that it was a mediation hearing nothing more. I don't understand it though do I now have to pay £59.48 a day? that letter was the only thing in the envelope
  12. I didn't receive any of those things, I will double check all of the paperwork, I origionally got a claim form for Northampton county court back in February 2015 but I did not have to attend just submit my defence online, which I did and that was when mediation was suggessted, they sent me a form to put on what days and times I was available to do this by telephone, which I filled in and sent back then they tried on a day I was unavailable by phone then I got the letter to go to Durham for the mediation . that was all I received
  13. I sent in my defence, they first tried to arrange a telephone mediation, I sent back the form stating I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and could not do these days as if I took the days off work I would not get paid for them and I can't afford to do this, (it stated on the form they sent me to specify days I was not available) they rang me once on a Tuesday and left a voicemessage that you could not understand as it broke up when they were giving the contact number, after this I received a court date for mediation, I thought it was the 28th of August as this is a Friday but it was on the 24th which is a Tuesday, I was at work anyway, I realised my error on the Thursday when I was off work and starting putting all my stuff together to attend court. I only recieved that letter on Saturday 5th September.
  14. in the meantime this is the letter I received, I thought the court date was the 28th, I realised after it was too late, they have sent me some documents from santander as their defence and on one of them it is not my signature, it doesn't even resemble my signature, this was also going to be part of my defence when it got to court as I started to put my defence together but as I said stupidly had the wrong date set as a reminder and missed it.
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