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  1. I've read some of their other letters on other threads and they mention that they may 'advise the client to issue proceedings' if it not settled. I'm really scared about receiving that letter. If I write to them and inform them of my antidepressants will they remove the fine? I have now received my third letter. I have attached it to this reply. Could you take a look at it and let me know if this is normal? When will they stop writing to me? How long will I keep receiving these letters? I leave this flat in 2 weeks until middle of July
  2. I am also moving out of this address in a month. My mail won't be redirected...will most probably be put in the bin by the next tenants. They won't inform the police and track me down to my new address will they? Is it a good thing that I won't be able to see the letters they send after next month?
  3. Hi I have received my second letter today. I have attached a picture. The letter is titled 'letter before claim' Can you read through this and let me know if this is a 'normal' second letter from the RLP? It has come just before my uni exams and I'm already incredibly stressed. If this is a usual letter, am I still safe to ignore all letters? Also they sent a FAQ sheet and it says their claim is NOT a speculative invoice...which is different to what I've been told I just need to know if I am safe to ignore this letter and also any other future letters from them. here Th
  4. thank you very much for your reply. you have put my mind at ease although of course im still worried as this is my first (and last) offence and i am not used to any of this. i have only received the first letter from RLP so i will post the second letter on here when i receive it. thank you for your advice, i cant describe how much i appreciate it.
  5. i am unsure how to upload but the form has my name, address, DOB and it is written that i was caught shoplifting it then states 'the victim has intimated that she/he is willing to have this matter dealt with informally and provide you an opportunity to make recompense for your actions. this is voluntary and if you agree and complete the process you will not be subject to any further police investigation, failure to complete the agreed actions will result in legal action being taken against you' and then ive signed it at the bottom.
  6. iv been told from another source that because i have signed the 'community resolution form' given to me by the police and if i dont complete the resolution (which im guessing is to pay the money to RLP) then the case could be returned to the justice system. im petrified all items were returned in a saleable condition and i accepted a ban from the shop . is the resolution form referring to those things or is it referring to a payment to the RLP (which i have been advised to ignore) im very confused. do the police and RLP have contact with one another?
  7. Hi, i still have not replied to the letter from RLP i failed to mention that i was made to sign a community resolution form from the police. does this make a difference with ignoring the RLP? if i keep ignoring will the police become involved because i signed this form? there's not a day that goes by where im not worrying about this
  8. I'm just absolutely petrified of things being taken further because of me ignoring the letters
  9. Hi, yes I have researched the oxford case and I am aware that they lost that case however I am scared that I will be the next person they try to take to court because I usually have bad luck with everything else in my life. I'm just scared. I am unaware of how many letters the RLP send every year and how many people ignore them. If anyone knows any figures then it will out my mind at rest. I feel like they are concentrating on my personal case and will do anything to punish me for the stupid mistake I made.
  10. Hi, yes it is similar however they have not included the second half of your letter. They didn't mention any sums of money. They just said I have 21 days to reply.... I'm very scared. If I ignore them from now on will they track me down and get fined even more or taken to court? I need reassurance please.
  11. Sorry, I am not very good with technology. The letter says they have given me 21 days to let them know if any circumstances which may have contributed to my actions. If they don't hear from me then it says they will have no option but to proceed with the claim. Should I inform them I'm on antidepressants or just ignore all letters? I'm so scared I'm going to be found and taken to court,. ..even though I move out of the address in a few months. I'm scared they're going to track me down. I'm in my final few months of uni, I have a dissertation to write
  12. Hi thanks for your reply. I move out of the address they have in a few months. If it does get passed on to the DCA and they find out I have moved will they track me down and take me to court? I'm really scared. How long will these letters last?
  13. Hi, I posted here last week regarding a shoplifting incident that was very out of character. I have received this letter from the RLP - I attached a picture. i was advised to ignore all letters from the RLP but I was expecting a fine. This letter states that they have given me 21 days to advise them of any circumstances which may have contributed to my actions. As I am on antidepressants should I inform them or just ignore this letter and forget anything that happened? I'm a student so can't afford to pay a big fine. Please help. Thank yo
  14. I was caught shoplifting £27 worth of goods from a superdrug store. It was a moment of madness. EXTREMELY out of character and I'm deeply ashamed. I gave the goods back to the store and it was my first offence. The police were called and they did an identity check but that's it. I was handed a civil recovery form and told I am going to get a fine from RLP in the next few weeks. After reading various threads they all say to ignore the letters. As I am moving out of the address I gave in a few months is this still a wise thing to do? I'm tempted to just pay it and
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