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  1. Okay so I knew of the the double payment since before I received this letter (i'm sorry, fear of being judged), but wanted to hold out to see if they'd ask for it to be repaid. Is it likely that the meeting will be about this, and is it likely that it will have to be paid back? The figure is just over £300. The operator from the DWP I spoke to says it could possible for it to be paid back in instalments but again he wasn't sure. Thanks.
  2. Hello there, I currently claim Universal Credit (JSA). Yesterday I received a letter from the Fraud and Error Service, Customer Compliance dept of the DWP. The title of the letter is "We are reviewng your benefit claim" and the subtitle is "Come to your meeting to keep us up to date". It then tells me that they've "arranged a time to meet you to talk about any changes which could affect your benefits." It asks me to bring some proof of ID and bank statements etc. The meeting is at my local JCP. after receiving this letter I went through
  3. Got it, will do. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments about them!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I went into my job centre and managed to speak with my work coach, who rang them up herself and managed to get them to refrain from coming to my house. They just want money from the government for pretending to get people into work. My work coach agreed it was creepy that they're now backtracking people who aren't even with Ingeus anymore. Must be desperate. What a horrible company. So hopefully now they shouldn't bother me again.... we'll see. Thanks again for your help and suggestions
  5. I will, but I highly doubt they'll be able to do anything.
  6. Hi there, I hope it's OK to post this issue here on a new thread. So my situation is this: Today, to my surprise, I received a letter to my house from Ingeus *shudders*. I have officially been off Ingeus for a year now, after completing their 2 year "programme" by April 2014. In this letter they are telling me that "we have a duty to contact you periodically" and that they've been "unable to reach you on the contact details we currently hold" so "therefore we are writing to you today to notify you that we intend to visit you at home to obtain an update". Are you serious?! I haven't
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