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  1. scrawny little man turned up today and posted a letter it says he called to discuss acc, surely he should of knocked on the door then as i was there at the time, don't seem to be taking much notice is this really going to work The new DCA will send you two pieces of paper informing notification of transfer of the debt, one piece will be headed by the new owner of the debt, the other from Provident informing you of the sale to the new owner i've had neither
  2. i have received a statement, at the end, it says no payment and agents name quite a few times, the it says WRITE OFF MR A. LAZARUS. does this mean the debt has been written off.
  3. thanks for your help let you know the outcome
  4. not really understanding what i need to delete on the letter 77 78 79 also can my ex stop them arriving at her address thanks
  5. received new letter today account has been passed onto home collections team, by re establishing contact with our head office by telephone, to arrange affordable payment plan. we would emphasise that if no satisfactory agreement is made with us you may leave us with no alternative but to recommence collection activity
  6. out of interest, they said if it went to court i couldn't attend, because its not that type of court, i asked what type of court it was then, just where they do paperwork, they said also i thought you couldn't lend money to someone, already struggling to pay of a loan according to FCA
  7. i'd taken out loans for 5 years and managed to keep up re-payments. i then took out another loan, on which i was struggling to pay off, i was then visited by the area manager of provident, tina, who told me i was behind on repayments and i would need to take out another loan to balance the books, or the bailiffs would be calling. i reluctantly agreed. 2 days later brenda the agent turned up. late at night and worse for wear as id been around a friends house, watching football, there she is waving £400 in my face, " this is for you" and we have payed of the balance, after she had filled in t
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