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  1. Hi, My bank didn't make any further payments to them, it's all a bit odd as finance companies are normally quick to send you a reminder should you be behind, I have put my complaint to the ICO and fingers crossed something might happen soon. It would be interesting to know when they entered this data as maybe they have done this long after the event after realising an error by their accounts team.
  2. I have provided the letter to both equifax and callcredit, in their e-mails to both agencies VWFS admit that the balance on the account is wrong yet they won't amend it, I have pointed this out to both that the minimum that should be done is for them to correct the balance and prove that they have ever asked me for that payment, I think it's a tad unfair that they expect me to be mystic, I believed at the time that what I was paying was full and final settlement, they didn't inform me otherwise so that's their mistake surely. The credit agency says I should go to the financial ombudsman, I have seen the ICO mentioned on here....which one should I go to? Many thanks, Terry
  3. Just spoken with VWFS, and the finance department who deals with disputes are now off until January! From the notes she can see I had settled, they say I cancelled my debit after settling but there was a payment due hence showing a month in arrears, she can't explain the balance of 13 grand. Nowhere on their letter did it say I had to make further payments nor was I advised of such at the time, they admit they have never written to me about this outstanding amount which was £379 a single payment not 13 grand. According to the notes they decided to write the amount off in 2012 hence ending the account. I guess worst case if they amend it 379 looks better than 13 grand but I feel its a bit unfair as it's their error really.
  4. I noticed this had crept back in to closed accounts on my Clearscore report but under the name Hoist, are they the same company? I raised a dispute with Equifax, they replied stating it was for a credit agreement with Lloyds and although it has been discontinued the default will remain. I responded asking them to provide more details as to what the alleged agreement was for and to please remove this as Lloyds themselves can find no records of it. Hoist have failed to respond so Equifax have removed this one
  5. Thank you for your advice, VWFS have replied to Equifax and have simply confirmed the information is correct with no explanation at all I have replied as you suggested and also sent a copy of the letter/attached it to the dispute on Noddle have come back and VWFS have given them the same one line reply that the information is correct. I have also replied as per your advice to them, lets see what they come back with. I'm going to try and ring VWFS and see how they can justify their claims, there is no way they would write a letter saying they have no financial interest in a vehicle with 13 grand owing on it, grrrrrrr
  6. I had car finance with VWFS, in 2011 I wanted to sell the car and settle the finance, I asked for a settlement figure which they provided. I paid the settlement figure and obtained a letter stating they had no interest in the vehicle. On Equifax (via clearscore) it shows very oddly that I was a month behind from June 2011 until mid 2012, I settled with them the day I sold the vehicle. On Noddle it shows that there was a balance of 13 grand still during that period. I have raised disputes with both agencies. If VWFS fail to respond to the agencies do they have to remove the information? (20 days in and nothing yet from VWFS) Thanks, Terry
  7. Logged on to MCOL for the first time in ages to check they haven't appealed or anything and the status has changed to Notification that the claim against you was discontinued was received on 09/12/2015 Equifax have removed it, but it's still on callcredit/noddle until March 17 by the looks of it. I have raised a dispute as they can't prove I owe them a bean, they didn't respond to the CCA request so surely it should be removed? Or am I risking them coming back after me by making a fuss?
  8. Thanks Andy, I believe its 18 days? My parents were going to drop it off at the court in person yesterday but they received some odd advice when they rang the court about it not having a court stamp on it hence all the confusion, from my reading anyone can fill in a stat demand form and send it without any involvement from the court. The SD refers to an agreement my father has supposedly signed which they have not produced when I requested a copy of it, they actually suggested we pay the solicitor who drew this up £800 to get a copy! It's a complex mess sadly as my Father is not a well man in his 70's with heart trouble, diabetes and tinnitus, it looks like they have been taken advantage of by someone who was supposed to help them... the company in question also is holding a further 22k of my parents money on account and refuse to release it or vacate the property they are in due to this agreement which can't be produced! the agreement supposedly also gives them a 3 year option on the property and full refund of any money they spend on it so they claim a section 21 isn't valid here. Worse is that the company are supposed legal specialists, the owners are not actually solicitors or barristers they offer advice but always use a certain solicitor when it comes to court matters, however their solicitor has also been acting for my parents, what a mess
  9. Thanks Andy, so send the set aside to the named court? should we also write back to the petitioner in the meantime to dispute or wait for our day in Court?
  10. The amount is £36,050. I can pm the name of the petitioner if you like? Not sure we should name individuals/Ltd companies?
  11. Hi, That's my Sister posting, I pointed her here as I have had some good advice in the past. It's from a company not a DCA. They claim monies owed for services provided which are disputed.
  12. Thanks again, the help this site provides is briliant, I will donate come pay day, not that you guys probably need it but if you ever need any IT or Networking type related help please drop me a pm as happy to advise.
  13. What happens if they ignore the CCA request, MKDP LLP did last time round...? They never sent my pound po back either.
  14. Thank you, will try take a look at the last payment date. Before the default I had been paying them 100 a month towards it, will check the date I last paid, I have never made written acknowledgement of the debt I don't believe as it was done over the phone from memory.
  15. They have been chasing this for ages, only now have they got a bit more aggressive, they must know SB is getting closer
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