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  1. Latest letter attached, I take it that is not a formal letter before claim and should be ignored?
  2. Sadly it seems to be a chain owned by Joseph Holts - although this is the first time anyone has ever been bothered for parking.
  3. Thanks, yes the Landlady is friendly and on side - all the Football team have her permission to park there, she gets quite a bit of business out of them.
  4. Hi, I am hoping someone can help my eldest Son, he got a parking ticket whilst playing for his Football Team, the Landlady/Owner of the Pub allows them to park there. He did call them upon getting the ticket and they said he was not a customer which is untrue as they all go in before and after the games. Since then of course he has ignored it to the point of a Solicitors letter. Can we challenge this by maybe getting a letter from the Landlady confirming he was indeed a Customer? or is there a better way to defeat them? Please see letters, I hope I have blanked out everything as required. have edited to remove images now in as PDF
  5. Hi, I have received a letter from CCS asking for £8,000 which is owed to the inland revenue, the debt relates to overpaid Child Benefit to my partner. I don't dispute that I should pay back the overpayments but a lot of the debt is penalties for failing to self assess and then charges on top of charges for paying late etc etc, I feel this is a little unfair as at no point did they ask me to complete self assessment until last year when a letter came out of the blue. I tried to offer HMRC a payment but they wanted it settled over 12 months which I can't afford, I then gave them my outgoings as they said this was required if I wish to set up a plan over a longer period. They then said they can't setup a plan as I can't afford it! Next I get the letter from CCS. Is there any way to challenge the penalties and extra charges? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, My bank didn't make any further payments to them, it's all a bit odd as finance companies are normally quick to send you a reminder should you be behind, I have put my complaint to the ICO and fingers crossed something might happen soon. It would be interesting to know when they entered this data as maybe they have done this long after the event after realising an error by their accounts team.
  7. I have provided the letter to both equifax and callcredit, in their e-mails to both agencies VWFS admit that the balance on the account is wrong yet they won't amend it, I have pointed this out to both that the minimum that should be done is for them to correct the balance and prove that they have ever asked me for that payment, I think it's a tad unfair that they expect me to be mystic, I believed at the time that what I was paying was full and final settlement, they didn't inform me otherwise so that's their mistake surely. The credit agency says I should go to the financial ombudsman, I have seen the ICO mentioned on here....which one should I go to? Many thanks, Terry
  8. Just spoken with VWFS, and the finance department who deals with disputes are now off until January! From the notes she can see I had settled, they say I cancelled my debit after settling but there was a payment due hence showing a month in arrears, she can't explain the balance of 13 grand. Nowhere on their letter did it say I had to make further payments nor was I advised of such at the time, they admit they have never written to me about this outstanding amount which was £379 a single payment not 13 grand. According to the notes they decided to write the amount off in 2012 hence ending the account. I guess worst case if they amend it 379 looks better than 13 grand but I feel its a bit unfair as it's their error really.
  9. I noticed this had crept back in to closed accounts on my Clearscore report but under the name Hoist, are they the same company? I raised a dispute with Equifax, they replied stating it was for a credit agreement with Lloyds and although it has been discontinued the default will remain. I responded asking them to provide more details as to what the alleged agreement was for and to please remove this as Lloyds themselves can find no records of it. Hoist have failed to respond so Equifax have removed this one
  10. Thank you for your advice, VWFS have replied to Equifax and have simply confirmed the information is correct with no explanation at all I have replied as you suggested and also sent a copy of the letter/attached it to the dispute on Noddle have come back and VWFS have given them the same one line reply that the information is correct. I have also replied as per your advice to them, lets see what they come back with. I'm going to try and ring VWFS and see how they can justify their claims, there is no way they would write a letter saying they have no financial interest in a vehicle with 13 grand owing on it, grrrrrrr
  11. I had car finance with VWFS, in 2011 I wanted to sell the car and settle the finance, I asked for a settlement figure which they provided. I paid the settlement figure and obtained a letter stating they had no interest in the vehicle. On Equifax (via clearscore) it shows very oddly that I was a month behind from June 2011 until mid 2012, I settled with them the day I sold the vehicle. On Noddle it shows that there was a balance of 13 grand still during that period. I have raised disputes with both agencies. If VWFS fail to respond to the agencies do they have to remove the information? (20 days in and nothing yet from VWFS) Thanks, Terry
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