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  1. I resent the SAR letter and the extra data they have sent me, confirms that they don't have copies of any letters. What should my next step be? I presume I should send a letter before action, but I need to make sure that I cover everything in it. Are there any useful templates?
  2. Well, I calculate it as 41 days today. Typical as it's one of the only letters that I've sent unrecorded and no doubt they've 'lost it'. Looks like I'll have to resend it tomorrow and wait even longer.
  3. I just found that link randomly from a google search when I was trying to find Nationwides cheque clearing timescales. It's a moot point anyway because after checking the dates on a calender, the period in question covers a weekend. It's still unfair though because my account at that point was only £16 short of covering the DD and yet it caused £90 of charges.
  4. Firstly I've written the SAR follow up letter and just got back from the post box, so it's on its way. It was quite a long letter questioning them on specific points and also directly asking them if they have letters or any proof of letters regarding the 'debt'. I also referenced the sections of the SAR which suggest that they do have more data. Secondly regarding the above post, I'm on exactly the same page as you, the thing that needs work is disputing the charges in the right way. I know it's unfair, you know it's unfair and I'm certain that presented the right way and District Judge w
  5. Okay I will write a further letter regarding the SAR. What I meant by 'what can I do' is that if they have already not given it, then maybe they don't have it or maybe they will continue to not send it. The SAR documents are actually quite well organised compared to some I have received from other companies in the past. It does include screenshots and other basic account data, but no call logs. Also to correct an earlier post where I said that they didn't inform me of charges, on the statements the charges are listed, but I was not sent specific letters informing me of bounced DD's etc.
  6. Aghhh I wrote a big long post and then accidentally clicked a link and lost it! Anyway, I'm happy to go all the way with this and I'm confident dealing with legal matters and going to court, though I'm under no illusions about the amount of research and time and it will take. I'm not convinced the SAR includes everything, as it's just statements and then the details about my recent complaints. There's no info from their call centre logs etc, but what can I do - the SAR request was worded correctly to obtain all data. Regarding the job offer that fell through, I can't rem
  7. Thanks nelly, I happened to find your thread last night and it does seem like a similar situation. I'm really not sure how to make the claim, as it looks like they're in breach of all kinds of things such as CCA, DPA, BCOBS and UTCCR. I want to make the claim as concise as possible, but I also want to make sure that I cover everything to improve my chances of success.
  8. I've received the SAR documents today. As I suspected, Nationwide made no contact with me regarding the returned DD's and default, which seriously strengthens my case. So to summarise: They applied excessive charges for returning very low value DD's and these charges then made me overdrawn. They did not inform me of this or make any contact. They snowballed additional charges for being overdrawn (due to their original charges) They closed my account and did not inform me of this or make any contact. They applied a default to my credit record and did not inform me of this o
  9. The BCOBS looks useful, but I can't find many examples of other cases actually using it. I read the Durkin case and there's some useful stuff in there. It seems that he was awarded £8000 for damages for the inconvenience, but where he made specific claims for damage, it seems they were thrown out for not being quantified enough? Also I think I may of read somewhere that because the Durkin case was in a Scottish Court, there's other cases in the English courts that carry more weight? I think I will increase the claim to £10000, because's less than two months earnings from the business I closed.
  10. They haven't written them off and that's the issue. They've only agreed to stop chasing the charges and therefore they are saying that the data on my credit file is correct. If they removed the charges, then my account would never had gone overdrawn, and my credit file would be clean. They closed the account without me asking them to. Is that not classed as breach of contract and unlawful termination of contract? I don't have proof of losing the job offer due to adverse credit as it was all done via letter and I didn't keep the letters I have proof of my bank
  11. The whole "debt" is made up from their charges - without their charges the account would still be £0.44p in credit, my original complaint was to remove the charges, which would then result in the default being removed anyway. Nationwide later admitted that they had no record of a default being issued and I have this in writing. And they never have offered to refund the charges - which is really what has created the issue. They have only agreed to write off the charges, which means they won't try and collect them from me, but they stay on my account. This
  12. Hi, I've been in dispute with the Nationwide for the last 12 months, regarding unfair charges and incorrect data on my credit files. We have not been able to come to an agreement so I am considering starting court action in the next few weeks. First I will list a history of the account: Sorry it's so long, but it does cover everything. I've only got around to making a SAR request in the last few days, so I can't submit a claim until I receive the paperwork as I want to double check exactly what letters they sent me. But even before I receive the SAR paperwork, I want to prepare my
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