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  1. Hi, I've had a Samsung UE40F6200AK for 11 months - in that 11 months I've had the same fault appear twice. The first time it appeared I rang Samsung and without a bat of an eyelid they arranged for an engineer to come out and repair it. Now that I think about it I expect this was a common fault as they didn't question it. The first fault happened after about 4 months. The latest fault, exactly the same as the first happened over the weekend. In both cases I get a darker horizontal bar appear, I can still see what the picture is but it's darker as though a "light" behind the screen has failed. My first question is, should I receive a warranty on the parts they're replacing? Secondly, what rights do I have as a consumer that's had the same part fail twice within the first year of owning the TV? In the first instance they replaced the LCD display as it seems this is not serviceable, I expect them to do exactly the same this time. Thanks in advance, Pete
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