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  1. how much are we talking about if I have to change the turbo? Do you think I better insist on a refund as other problems might also arise down the line as a result of this fault? It is a BMW 3 series E90 petrol. It is the rear right abs sensor which is faulty. The warning light is not on all the times, it only comes on when I cross 50mph and the car starts jerking after 5-6 miles and after some time doesn't allow me to speed up until all the abs related lights are fully on.
  2. I bought this car from a dealer in January (almost two months ago) and noticed the car emitting blue smoke from exhaust and later on from dashboard. I can only use the car on weekends therefore it took me so much time to notice this issue. The ABS sensor for one of the tyres also started malfunctioning within the first month (almost 300 miles) and the dealer had changed one of the ABS sensors before I bought the car so it could be the same tyre's sensor going faulty. I took the car to Halfords via my warranty provider who so far only confirmed the ABS sensor fault (it had taken me 5mins t
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