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  1. HI ALL Been a while since I have been on here but have always received the most helpful advice an assistance So my issue is that I need to get my name off a mortgage and deeds Purchased a house with my ex partner 11 years ago but didn't work out, I asked to be removed from the mortgage and deeds and that I wanted nothing from the house, this was 10 years ago the ex has paid everything for the last ten years without a problem, I got in touch again and again to ask her to put this through as I was told by the mortgage company she has to do it. In the mean time she has met an
  2. sorry it was homelearningcollege
  3. HI All took out one of those at home training courses in 2006 but never got the support that was agreed in the paperwork, i constantly emailed for support but all i ever got back was replys stating change of tutor(kept emails). so i refused to pay anymore due to this as i could not complete the course without support. last payment was in 2007 i think . i was contacted in 2010 by apex claiming i needed to pay £1100 to which i replied that the account was in dispute due to the company breaking the terms and conditions of the agreement, i explained why and forwarded all the email cor
  4. the office had no line of sight for speeding due to the position he was parked in(in fact a 30 foot bridge and 10 foot dragon were in his way), we both came off roundabout he was in the outer lane and i was in the inside lane, i undertook him without breaking the speed limit and as far as the highway code states this is completely legal as i was within the speed limit and i didnt change lanes to under take but in reality he turns up lies and i get the book thrown at me. so all i need now is an officer having a bad day to lose my car cause he thinks it could cause upset to someone.
  5. surely there is a way to object as they can say anything they want how can you judge excessive speed from behind you
  6. but i didnt break the law and the noise wasnt recorded passes every mot and its a turbo so not loud full stop, the sheet says excessive speed and undertaking didnt you read post 4
  7. and im 31 not 21 lol its a bit unfair for him to say i did something when i didnt. just checked the sheet and he has put excessive speed undertaking a vehicle but has put inconsiderate manor lol so they can do you for anything they want basically not happy with that in slightest, so any way i can object to this as this def is not fair
  8. the police office was on the roundabout(actually on the roundabout with lights flashing) that i had just left, he had no way of measuring my speed as he was parked up facing the other way. i under took the car at no more than 30mph(speed limit) yet as its a sports car it sounds loud, i then got pulled by another vehicle who never said i was speeding just that they had been asked to stop me. i then got given a s59 for undertaking and speeding by the first car when after they arrived but as far as im aware as long as you dont change lane to undertake its not an offence
  9. was driving home tonigh,t came off a roundabout and undertook a car doing maybe 15 mph (taxi) 30 zone i didnt change lane to do it but did gear down as the alternator belt was yelling, got pulled at the next roundabout and given a s59, i said that i had never exceeded the speed limit but still got one. think this is a bit unfair for not actually breaking the law. where do i stand on contesting this as it seams the police officer is judge jury and executioner. got warned that if i do anything they take my car wtf
  10. HI All i purchased a motherboard from aria in january and a sound fault has arisen, i have done everything suggested by aira on their forums and on the asus website also spoke to a tech who talked me through drivers etc still no avail arranged a return to aria who have said they will not test the motherboard due to thermal paste being on the cpu socket, this must of happened when repacking the motherboard back up where do i stand as i know the motherboard is faulty but they just keep on about the thermal paste, i have read their forums and there are loads of the same issue alw
  11. well judge awarded partial payment as he agrees the £35 charges were excessive but only ordered the refund of £25 per charge, the judge tore my arguements apart and i only actually won due to the paperwork advantage were relying on showing the total cost of the collections department, this shows that the department costs a lot more than they actually claim back. i have had some previous experience with budget forecasts and profit and loss and know how to read them, but the biggest part was they actually included what it cost to deal with an account in arrears per year per account whoops.
  12. kwikfit do auto renewal i just cancelled it my end after last payment was taken, shortly received a letter from them saying they had been informed by my bank that i cancelled the dd and were not able to auto renew and i would no longer be insured once the date had passed. thing that annoyed me the most is that they want an extra£100 to renew it but on there website it was coming in the same, i couldnt get the new insurance due to still being insured by them for another 12 days so i went elsewhere
  13. ok all paperwork submitted on 28th and hearing fee paid today. off we go to court on the 19th
  14. i have a nother letter i need to send regarding judges comments and sar can you have a look as its going into the paperwork tomorrow as they havent responded
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