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  1. Yes i had what sounds like a similar issue and i WON! and yes it's GREAT news about Eversir Thread of my experience here..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?442997-Yet-another-tale-of-woe-from-an-NPower-customer. I do hope it's of some use to you.
  2. This is superb news Eversir! Your case has dragged on for a ridiculous amount of time so i hope you were awarded sufficient to make up for the hassle you've had. Again though dead chuffed you beat them!
  3. Thanks for the 'heads up' on this again I did get mine last year, only after being made aware of it by this very website AND after a 7 month battle with NoPower mismanaging my account.... which again i WON with the aid of this MAGNIFICENT site :whoo:
  4. Update: Just got off the phone with np and they have accepted MY terms now.... I said i was willing to give them £200 to clear any balance and start from scratch but also i require a written apology from one of their directors, the contents of the SAR i ordered and the letter from the director outlining the situation just in case their psychotic computer decided to issue debt collection against me so i can just fax it back to them or the police if a DCA comes knocking..... they agreed :wink:
  5. Hey Eversir! Thanks for the reply m8 No they've not used any language like that so far and YES they HAVE actually admitted that it is indeed their fault.... not in so many words.... yet! I DO have hours worth of recordings though where they DO admit culpability, i've found through personal experience AND with the help of you guys how to communicate with these people and to take charge of the situation...... bloody hard work though! and hard work none of us have asked for or deserve to be subjected to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to speak with them again tomorrow to cla
  6. Hi again guys! Sorry i've not been more active..... arthritis and all that.... the sun is helping a bit though and so is the email i recieved from the exec complaints dept earlier today..... they are now asking me for a final settlement of wait for it................ £300! yes THREE HUNDRED quid!!!! I need to ring them again tomorrow of course to finalise this but i KNEW i was right! Will post again once we've crossed the t's and dotted the i's...... i think i'll hang around this place too as i'm sure i won't be the last to go through this and if i can help a
  7. HI again guys.... sorry i've not got back sooner.... i'm really struggling with illness at the moment but i noticed i had a couple of replies so i thought i better come on and reply.... many thanks for your replies by the way Ok the 13K bill was an 'error' apparently but has now been rectified.... the question that raises obviously is if they can make a mistake like that then what other mistakes have they made? I have now asked for a statement of account and my SAR request went off last week... i've been told that the 'correct' amount has now been calculate..... kinda hard really wi
  8. Hey guys! Not been too well the past few days... not too good right now actually but thought i better check in here and with N(o)power..... OK today they posted a bill for THIRTEEN GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been reversed too but......................?????? Keep it up Np.... it just adds fuel to the fire and gives me yet more evidence and ammunition for what i'm starting to see is going to be the inevitable court case.....
  9. Yes that's pretty much what i thought you were alluding to reading between the lines in your previous post.... i can recall records of all my payments to them, bit of a rigmarole but i can do it... so they're going to need to cross reference with their figures naturally..... yet another reason for me to issue an SAR. I'm also going to get an accountant to independently go through theirs and my figures too. Thanks for that info though..... much appreciated as always!
  10. WOW!!! I had no idea about this! and i seem to be smack bang in the broader group for N(o)power.... ok something else i'm gonna hassle them about on monday...
  11. I would assume that those payments are then sequentially 'repaid' back into my account and if i am in credit it is refunded or if i am owing them then i get billed for the remaining balance?
  12. Hey batman! Well..... how i perceive what's SUPPOSED to happen is that the bill/s in question are 'refunded internally' to N(o)power so essentially the account is 'wound back' to the start of the period of the bill/s and then the readings are re entered correctly again... in a nutshell winding the account back and then fast forwarding it again (correctly) to the present.... or that's the theory..... Of course i could be being rather naive here.....
  13. So after some sleep i've looked at the account online again and it seems the bill reversal was what put me into about a tenner into the black and the remaining credit is down to 'prior period adjustments' on the bill and its VAT.... I'm staying logged into the account today 'cos to be honest it's loads more entertaining than the telly..... In fact i think i might get a transcript of all the calls and try to flog 'em to the BBC..... they keep giving miranda and mrs brown's boys new series and this is WAAAAYYY funnier than either of those
  14. Yes this is what I'm thinking too..... Probably wake up to find we're back at square one again or worse in the morning........
  15. Oooooookkkkkkkk..... Now i am apparently nearly £2k in credit..... curiouser and curiouser.... Screen grabs taken of course.....
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