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  1. Hi All, I called the Prosecution office again this morning after 9 and the call was answered, the prosecuting officer is not available but asked what my call was about, I explained the reason for my call and the lady took the reference number and confirmed she was given the cheque for £600 I sent by the prosecuting officer and that they sent a receipt out yesterday, I asked what that means and she said the case is being dismissed. This would be the best £600 I have spent in my entire life! So once I get the receipt hopefully today I will update this thread. Thanks in advance to
  2. Hi All, Thank you first class for the correction, it was amended as suggested before I sent the letter off. My tracking information is still showing as in the Royalmail network, It should have arrived by Monday. This is worrying me and I have tried to ring the number on the notice and it just keeps ringing without the line being disconnected nor going to voice message. I am thinking of sending another letter tomorrow if anyone feel it is worth trying and would like to seek advise on how best to go about this while covering every bases. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you for that OC , can I make offer of the amount in this letter? Something along the line of. "I am offering to pay the contribution toward the administrative cost of £125 as stated in your letter plus the £56:40 evaded fare and a penalty fine of £400, I hope my offer would be favorably considered to recompense for my action." I am eternally grateful for all your help and I hope to repay you back in one way or another (Caggers)
  4. Thank you for your input, is there anything else you could advise on how to go about this? at what point should try to call the prosecution manager if I send this letter tomorrow, Can I call before or wait until the letter has been delivered? Should I make an offer of an amount now or what do you think? Fare + Penalty + admin cost? Thanks in advance.
  5. I understand that clearly I am just worried because the court time is 9:15 am so I am hoping the prosecutor will be there well in advance if it comes to that.
  6. I would go with whatever advise is given on this forum. The court date is set to April 29th and I think getting the letter to the prosecutor as early as possible increases the chances to try other means , hopefully it would not come to that. I am happy to wait to send it Friday if that will increase my chance by sending a properly constructed letter. Thanks for your time and effort.
  7. Please everyone, any help with my questions above will be highly appreciated. I intend to send a letter to the prosecutor today for delivery tomorrow. Any help will be appreciated and can I go ahead and call the officer before sending the letter please? Thanks in advance.
  8. My mistake, I intend to save saves me from a criminal conviction, avail would be the wrong choice of word. As seen on other post on the board, would it be advisable to call now or wait until I have sent a letter to the prosecuting officer first? Also can I suggest I amount I am willing to pay towards the penalty fare (£400-£500) and also the fare plus the proposed contribution towards the prosecution cost stated as £125 in the court summons or do you think it is too early for me to be stating figures. Thank you so much for your help all, I intend to send this letter of today so
  9. If I hadn't read what I wrote earlier I would have denied it, I never intended to write persecution, the English setup on my pc always suggests words far from what I have typed, that is a slip and has nothing to do with my mind set whatsoever. I am sincerely remorseful and genuinely asking to be pardoned, it will be wrong for me to label this persecution. I am glad you spotted that typo, will make sure it does not happen again. I will compose the letter now and post it here for correction before sending it off today. The suggestion about seeking legal representatio
  10. Please find the attached the court papers , thanks for you time. I have also just realized there is a name and phone number given for the Information Laid by person names in the letter with the persecution office's address. I suppose this would be the person I would try to be calling for a settlement plea.
  11. Thank you for your response, I have had to lay down for some time and only just feeling better, please find attached the information in the letter. I have also just realized there is a name and phone number given for the Information Laid by person names in the letter with the persecution office's address. I suppose this would be the person I would try to be calling for a settlement plea.
  12. Hi All, I have just received the court papers asking me to appear in court on the 29th April which is less than 2 weeks from today. I sent my apologies letter about 4 weeks ago and didn't receive any reply until today when I got the court paper. I am at a loss about what to do and I just had a panic attack and I seriously do not know how I will survive until the court day. I seriously need help fast and as it stand I am willing to pay the maximum fine of £1000 to avail myself of the conviction because like I said earlier, I have only worked in the NHS my life and my
  13. Thank you all for your response, I have been away to visit a family member in hospital hence the late response. I have put together a letter please kindly have a look to see if It is okay.
  14. Hi, Hopefully can help/ offer advice. I have received a letter from South Eastern's Prosecutions Office regarding avoiding payment of fare informing me that the matter has been provisionally authorized for prosecution and inviting me to make any comments regarding the incident. I was traveling with a zone 1-2 travelcard and I was caught at a zone 6 station, I normally have pay as you go top but on this occasion I didnt and I had also travelled by the same means in the 4 days prior to the offense date, I however had a zone 1-6 travel card the previous mon
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