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  1. Got your PM and replied, we really need to establish what has made up the managed loan of £16,600 as a lot of your charges seem to be AFTER you have taken out the loan, with my husbands they were before he took out the loan, and really felt as if he had no choice otherwise the charges would have been more and more. His managed loan was ONLY (well 90%) because of the charges levied. However it is disgusting to see that in giving you the loan and taking away your OD has effectively caused more charges. If it was me I would go after HSBC for contractural interest which I would do with the second letter.
  2. No problem Scott, I am VERY interested to read how you get on, don't worry you are doing really well. If I can help in anyway just shout.
  3. Hi Scott, They sent the Court the fax (telling them they had settled) but didn't tell me that they were going to pay, so I turned up at the court. Here is my thread, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-cahoot-successes/26638-tigs33-abbey-3.html you might be interested to read my post 56 They paid a few days after the hearing. The judge was mega nice to me
  4. Excellent news Scott!!! I had a case management hearing with Abbey, together with about 10 other people, I attended the court however the Abbey had faxed to the court the day before and notified everybody else (apart from me) that they would settle. So I believe the bank will settle before your date!!!
  5. Nope apparently it IS 400,000, got told this morning is was only 40,000 but this was incorrect
  6. I have been told that due to a bank error 40,000 people have not been paid on time this month. Unfortunately I am one of these people Banks....who would have them!!!
  7. woohooo!!! thanks Bong, sort of missing causing the banks a bit of hassle!!!! lol here I come, Barclays, HSBC and Abbey (I didn't sign anything with them )
  8. Bong, with HSBC I sent a letter back stating "I will accept this as full and final settlement of this particular claim" Barclays agreement- "This offer to pay £1012.37 is in full and final settlement of your claim and is strictly without any admission of liablity on our part"
  9. Actually that just got me thinking, does this mean that any charges in the future for these accounts I would not be able to claim??
  10. Bum!!!! lol Thanks Ron, I thought as much Makes me wonder if I should try anyway?? lol
  11. Can somebody please clarify for me, all of my claims have now been paid but I only claimed upto the 6 years, I can however claim further on three claims (total claims would be about £3,000) but on all three I have signed full and final settlement agreements, could I use the argument that because they had concelled the true nature of these charges to go back further, or am I stuffed because I signed the previous agreements "full and final"?? Ta
  12. Arrgghhh!!!! CL Finance have sent me a default notice....dated 23 March 2007, I sent them my letter on the 24 March saying I did not accept the agreement and anyway they were out of time. It will be interesting to see what they do next. Off to check with Royal Mail that they received my letter
  13. Hi and welcome, If I was you I would start a new thread in the relevant bank sections, it is fairly easy then to keep an eye on your claims. Good luck, looks like you are doing well
  14. Well done Wilkins, I am now considering looking back on my previous claims and seeing if there are any further charges I can get back!!!! WELL DONE AGAIN!!!!!! And excellent work (yet again by Glenn and Bong !!)
  15. Christ Michelle, that is going to be a lot of interest, just checked the interest on the loan my husband had, here are a few examples of the monthly interest 01/02/04 £22.57 01/03/04 £21.21 I think his repayments were about £60 per month, so your claim is going to be a lot!!!! Lateralus - I am always around these forums although not so active as I was, MORE than happy to help anybody reclaim their charges back reading the posts from members like stabiloboss really does get me angry as well. I hate the banks now with a vengeance, and it does make me wonder how many people committed suicide over actions like HSBC stabiloboss - well done on beating the cancer - your bank claims should be a doddle in comparison
  16. Here you go have a read of this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/5584-janeyb-lloyds-massive-settlement.html
  17. If you have completed the DPA letter for the current account I would do another DPA letter for the loan account and then just claim the interest together with the unlawful charges. However I would only go down this route if the reason you had the managed loan was because of the unlawful charges. Lateralus there was another lady who got the full amount of her loan repaid to her, I think it was Lloyds (total claim was for about £17,000). I will have a look and see if I can find the thread.
  18. Hi Michelle, We downloaded the statements for his current account and the managed loan from the internet. As nearly all of the managed loan was due to the charges as you can see in our letter we just added them to the claim. When you think about how some of these customers have nearly been forced into taking these dreadful loans out I do not think the banks want to push the point with the courts or indeed get further very bad publicity into irresponsible lending. Good luck, if you need any help just let me know.
  19. Hi, Always happy to sponsor a good cause I am doing the breast cancer moonwalk in June, 26.2 mile powerwalk around Edinburgh If you would like to follow my progress (I am trying to get a bit of training in ) my thread is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bear-garden/71118-tigs33-does-breast-cancer.html Regards Emma
  20. The prescribed terms are missing as this part was on the same bit that was missing as was the rest of my signature. As they have supplied the agreement too late, it isn't complete I am more than happy for CL to take me to court if they really want to push this, however they will have a massive fight on their hands and I will report them to every conceivable authority I can.
  21. My letter was dated 13 January 2007, so if I add 12 working days takes me to 30 January 2007 add another 30 days takes me to 1 March 2007, at that point I had no agreement, they sent me the agreement on 16 March 2007.
  22. Well this is the letter I am going to send to CL Finance Thank you for your letter dated 16 March 2007 and post marked 20 March 2007. You have failed to supply to me a true “signed” copy of the agreement I requested. The full signature on the copy agreement is missing and I do not accept this copy agreement. I have given you time enough to supply the original signed agreement and you now have exceeded the 30 days you are allowed and by not supplying the document you are committing a criminal offence under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. You are reminded that you were obliged to supply these documents, whether you are the original creditor or not, under section 189 of the CCA 1974 As you are aware, a credit agreement that is not properly documented and signed by the customer is totally unenforceable under the CCA and therefore is a complete defence to any court claim that is issued. I will not commence making payments against this “debt” as it is unenforceable. ANY further correspondence from you chasing this “debt,” will result in a report being submitted to the relevant statutory authorities.
  23. Thanks Lantana, I had come to the conclusion today that I am going to insist on a copy with my full signature on it, I will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say, but I am also going to send a letter requesting the same in the post tomorrow, recorded delivery
  24. Hi Pam, That is it, there is no right side, on my copy I can just about make out the first initial of my signature but the rest is missing
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