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  1. OMG they are doing my head in, I have had four calls from them today!!!!! once putting the phone down. call 2.34 I was at work call 6.30 pm they put the phone down when I answered call 8.20 pm told caller I was unhappy about phone being put down on me and referred them to my letter. call 8.31 pm told them yet again that I was unhappy about 6.30pm call and told them not to phone. arrrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Once you have totted up the charges you could just send the first two letters to her and ask her to sign both and send back to you. Personally I wouldn't use one of these companies, I would rather get up an hour early before going to work for a week than use one of those. Good luck though.
  3. Well they received the letter today, got a call 2.34 today from them today but I was at work, received another call today at 6.30pm and the person hung up, also I received a statement today from them with interest and a late payment fee!!!! arrrgghhhh they are getting me VERY angry!
  4. Well cancelled my standing order into my Sainsburys savings account and I have withdrawn the balance. Harrassment letter typed and will be sent tomorrow (signed for ). Thanks for everybodies help
  5. I am having problems with Sainsburys at the moment, who failing to supply my agreement under the CCA have now resorted to phoning me numberous times within the space of a day. I refuse to give out any personal details and tell them if they want to contact me write to me, obviously something they do not want to do. The harrassment letter is going to be sent to them tomorrow
  6. Well looks like I am off to shop at Marks and Spencers then!!!! lol Well got another call today at 8.52 which actually woke me and my husband up. I am going to do the harrassment letter today
  7. Mrswonder, thanks for the advice, I had taken some money out last week so there is only about £3 left in their now, me and my husband had a standing order go into there each month, I will cancel this now and set up a standing order for premium bonds instead Stuff Sainsburys I have had enough of them...
  8. Good to hear your views on this BF, I am now going to claim further charges from Barclays, HSBC and Abbey..... Will you still be amending the templates??? I would prefer to use the CAG wording for my letters
  9. Well they phoned again so that was three times so far today. Letter will be sent to them Tuesday, also stating that I wish to close my savings account and I will no longer be shopping in their stores, which I have done now for the past 15 years!!!!
  10. Thanks Ladybird, I have copied that letter and I will send it off to them next week, recorded delivery. It will be interesting to see if they phone me over the next week. I have had two phone calls from them today and two yesterday .... I also have a savings account with them and due to their actions I will be closing this.
  11. I sent off my CCA letter (on 10th February 2007) to Sainsburys bank, and they have not provided the agreement. In the past two weeks they have phoned every day at least twice a day. When I have answered the phone, I would however not give out my personal details (i.e. date of birth, and postcode) and the caller has always got very shirty as obviously they cannot speak to me without me confirming my details I have asked them to put anything in writing, but they are obviously not interested in doing this. Today I told the lady to put it in writing as I was getting sick of the phone calls. I did mention that I had requested a copy of my agreement and that they had not provided this and I only wanted to corresspond in writing. She did tell me that they can phone me up to 4 times a day!!!! Arrgghh they are driving me nuts I have now made a note of the calls, time etc and briefy what was said.
  12. Good on him, I wish him all the luck in the world!!!
  13. You should be able to see the transactions if you internet bank, it should come up with the loan account and you can just view it like your bank account.
  14. rhysmonds, Do you have your statements for the loan? or access to internet banking?
  15. I firmly believe there should be laws to prevent banks forcing people into these loans, as high street banks we trust them (or at least did) it is disgusting how they treat their customers. Have you reclaimed any of the loan interest on your loans if they were due to charges??
  16. No problem, if you need any help just shout.
  17. Bill-k can you please clear out your inbox I would like to send you a PM!!! Ignore that request I have just worked out the interest calc. ta
  18. Actually looking at your claim I am sure with the Contractual interest your claim would repaid all of your loan.
  19. Details on calculting the contractural rate are here. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/18313-why-no-one-claiming.html If you are lucky your charges plus the difference in the interest will cover the outstanding loan. Are you still with HSBC??? If so, would it be better to get another account somewhere else and see if they will give you a small overdraft??
  20. Accept offer, tell them to bog off about agreeing to any of their clauses, they will still pay. They have no right to force you to agree to anything, this is your claim not theirs. Also is there any chance of you having claims further back than 6 years??? As I will be putting in a claim with them which is over 6 years old. Already had three payments from HSBC for charges.
  21. shotgun??? nice idea..... however not very legal I think the banks have got a lot to answer for making people take out these managed loan, yours is a great example, and just how much interest have you had on the managed loan as compared to one of their normal loans?? as well as the extra charges. As you are incurring the managed loan interest and additional charges after taking out the loan I think we need to look back and see how much interest you would have been paying to repay a standard loan with them, I dont think you will be able to get back what would have been the standard loan interest on the debt to the business or the car loan. So to summarise I think it would be fair for you to claim.... £790 charges £4000 charges Managed loan interest in FULL on £790 charges Difference between managed loan interest and a more standard rate loan. Make sure you are claiming contractural interest on your charges. Does that make sense?? I am not sure on other peoples views on the above.
  22. Hi SheGod, I reclaimed the interest on my husbands managed loan, the only reason why he had this loan was because of their unlawful charges. HSBC repaid the charges and also the interest on the managed loan. My thread is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/16862-husband-hsbc-paid.html?highlight=managed+loans You can find out the loan interest if you have internet banking.
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