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  1. alexmcc1

    fit note

    thanks but just wondering can a doctor pre date a fit note? i got a fit note from my gp in mistake predated 10 months in advance and wondering is this legal
  2. alexmcc1

    fit note

    what can a doctor provide in relation to fit notes ? can a gp backdate a fit note and can they pre date a fit note
  3. thanks for the info, its hard to understand all the information your given from DWP
  4. hi ,just a simple question ,ive been awarded IIB at 40% for life what does this actually mean ? am i now classed as disabled?
  5. dismissed on thursday ,total confusion over the procedure used by employer ,trade union rep thinks that my employer broke their own rules set down in companies procedure book .wasnt able to enter mitigating reasons and the document s supplied and my statements at investigation meeting were missing alot off details i feel as well as union rep it was a set up
  6. i would say it comes under no2 im still being treated for same illness same condition on fit notes and still being issued with fit note just that gap in dates approx 4 days including weekend and i always have problems getting dr appointments so have to wait and request back dated fit notes
  7. i went sick am still sick and my wife altered my sick line ! i went sick on the 12/02/15 send in company self cert and attended dr same day and got fit note dr dated line for 12/12/15 and i gave both to wife asking her to drop into work she being a from a country outside EU ( mexico ) thought dates had to be added and did so she assumed the fit note was for following week and put these dates in . Its company policy to send in both forms i didnt know what she had done until following week , went i went to dr to get back dated fit note and further fit note to cover me for sev
  8. so a simple mistake on my wifes part 16 years are down the drain
  9. ive a meeting on tue for major /gross misconduct im being told by union rep ill be sacked
  10. have done that! contacted gps and asked for a letter stating the dates and that my wife admitted adding the dates to several gps in the practice before this came to notice off my employer .My wife phoned the gps on 3 times spoke to two gps and submitted a letter stating that she didnt know how to fill in fit notes and thought the dates needed to be added and also because off the error on the doctors part thought even more to add dates !
  11. yes seems doctor also made a balls up on fit note !!! dated it 12/12/15 not 12/02/15
  12. wrongly dated the 12/12/15 should have been 12/02/15 im wondering what information a doctor can release about fit notes
  13. can a doctor post date a fit note for 10 months in advance ?i was issued with a fit note dated the 12/12/15 instead off 12/02/15 and am under investigation by work
  14. m y wife is from mexico so all her family is there she does use skype and phone calls and to be honest our doctor is a pill pusher and support is hard to find or a long wait im really worried about her mental health
  15. my rep says to wait and see what happens im really worried about my wife she wants to phone my manager or send in a letter , my doctor has already said i was sick and would be sick for another few weeks ive acute bronchitis and am still getting treatment ive filled in alot off fit lines over the years with my employer and they have them they even mentioned to my rep the hand writing was completely different from mine
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