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  1. Here is the Email I sent to CWD and their response.....Any advice?? FIRST GULF BANK Without Prejudice I have sought advice with regards to the repayment options and the figure that is manageable for me is £50 per calendar month. Since receiving your last Email, FGB have now sent me a further statement on 17th March, unfortunately I cannot open the statement due to it being locked you need the Credit card number, however I handed the card back to the bank upon losing my job. It seems though they are still calculating Finance charges (interest) and other extortionate fees onto the a
  2. This is the reply I received today after I offered to Pay 10% of the full amount with £50 per month repayment We can confirm we act for First Gulf Bank as solicitors. Please be advised, we have not bought the debt. We take all our instructions from our client. We have sought further instruction in relation to the points you have raised. With regard to the credit shield insurance, we have been advised that an insurance claim must be applied for within 30 days from the date of termination of employment. Also the account must be active (i.e. no payments have been missed), and all
  3. Hi, I have sent a letter back questioning the Credit shield as I rightly informed the bank in writing as per the policy regarding my involuntary loss of employment. I am willing to negotiate the amount owed and pay a monthly amount as I have tried to many times negotiate an amount with the Bank without luck. I'm hoping that CWD see this as a positive and see that I have made regular contact with the bank since returning to the UK. I will update ASAP as they seem to be on the ball with replies. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have been in touch with CWD and requested further information with regards to the Debt and they have come back very quickly with everything including signed Credit agreement, Terms and Conditions etc. My only issue is, is that I have Credit shield on my account and I wrote to the bank within the 60 days to inform them of the involuntary loss of employment but I have heard nothing back from them in relation to this. I have also sought advice from a similar solicitors to CWD and they have advised to liaise with them as the debt is enforceable in the UK an
  5. Thank You, I have wrote back to them requesting all of the information. I will update on here once I have a reply.
  6. Hi, I received my first letter from CWD this week re FGB debt in Dubai. Not sure how to handle it, is there any update from anyone here that has taken them on? Thanks
  7. Hi, Is there any update with regards to the CWD letter? I have received the exact same letter from them this week and not sure how to respond? Thanks
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