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  1. This lot seem to have resurrected this two years later. Had a couple of texts and emails from CRS saying that the case has been sent back to them from Zinc. Any thoughts? It has been a while but I'm pretty sure that I just ignored Zinc!
  2. I've been receiving calls from Zinc for a while now and I've had my first letter, though it is dated well before Christmas. It's a fairly standard letter saying that I can accept a reduced amount (90 something pounds, I don't have it with me) or set up a payment plan. They may take me to court etc. How should I respond? Thanks in advance.
  3. I received another letter today, back to the standard ones it seems. Just the usual saying that if I don't respond within 10 days they MAY take legal action or employ a different debt collectors. Do I ignore this one too?
  4. The letterhead was CRS. It wasn't signed by anyone, I think they managed to miss the second page of the letter. The lack of a full stop in the quoted letter is exactly how the letter is, it kind of just comes to an end.
  5. It wasn't addressed to anyone, it was actually just an email to a generic address on their letter.
  6. The funny thing is I didn't mention illegal, they are the ones equivocating unlawful and illegal. `i received another letter from yourselves last week regarding a supposed balance of £126.49. I reiterate that your admin fees are unlawful and unenforceable penalties despite membership T&C's including provision for such charges. I accidentally cancelled my gym membership one month early, and again I offer to pay the final months payment of £9.99` I thought that was a fairly standard letter so I'm not sure why II appear to have been given special treatment! Thanks for everyone's responses.
  7. Hi all I mistakenly cancelled my DD for membership at Xercise4Less one month early meaning I missed the final months payment of £10. I received letters from Harlands demanding £35, I intended to pay but I was away at the time so I forgot. Then £60 which I disputed as being unfair. This was passed over to CRS who added their own charges taking the total up to £126.49 for an initial £10 missed payment. Again I sent CRS an email saying that I disuputed the charges and again offering to pay the £10. I received this long letter today, the bit about organised crime was quite amusing: Any advice? I'm getting phone calls and texts from them most days now. Thanks Dan
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone. Here's a bit more information. 7/12/14 - I recieved a window ticket from VCS 14/1/15 - A notice to keeper was issued (my mother is the keeper, I was the driver) 25/2/15 - 'Notice of Intended Court Proceedings' issued to the keeper. 4/3/15 - We sent off to VCS naming me as the driver and giving my address 12/3/15 - VCS rejected this saying that we'd passed the 28 day limit and quoting the 'Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 Schedule 4, para 4 Right to claim unpaid parking charges from the keeper of the vehicle'. So presumably it all rests on what defines 'begins proceedings'?
  9. Is there a time limit attached to naming the driver? VCS are saying that I had 28 days to declare who was driving and they are now saying it's keepers responsibility. The keeper was not the driver. Thanks for the rest of the replies, i'm currently waiting for the paypal refunds.
  10. Hello, I received a ticket from VCS back in december and stupidly I tried to leave my appeal to a couple of different appeal services. The first closed down and the second (private parking appeals) failed to respond to emails once they'd taken my money and seemingly didn't send anything off at all on my behalf. As a result I recieved a letter from VCS saying that i'd missed the appeal deadline and demanding £100. I responded with a letter from this website naming the person who was driving at the time (not the registered keeper) to try and reset the POPLA clock but today I recieved another letter rejecting this and saying that the keeper is now liable. Is there anything that I can do? Thanks in advance.
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