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  1. Hi, received today reduced payment offer to avoid court proceedings letter £128.00, do i still ignore ?, i have not replied to any correspondence received from DR+ yet. Any advice would be great thanks denise
  2. Ye that is just what i received, thanks for your help
  3. Hi, the ongoing saga of DRP, I have today 19.3.15 received a notice of intended court action letter from DRP dated 17.3.15 from anne stone litigation manager, stating I have not paid £160 and if i do not pay by 31.3.15 and i am liable for the charge they will pass my file to the creditors solicitor with a recommendation to commence court proceedings where they will also recover additional amounts for solicitors fees £50.00 and court costs £25.00 if it goes to court. do I reply to this or wait and see what happens next. any help greatly appreciated thanks denise
  4. thanks this has been most helpful and has taken a lot of worry off me, if and when i receive anything from excel i will be in touch
  5. thanks for that, there was no ticket on the vehicle at the time just letters through the post, do i need to appeal this claim or just forget about it
  6. Hi Can anybody help, i received a notice to keeper / driver PCN on 19.01.14 for £100.00, for an alleged parking offence at crown point leeds on 13.12.14, parked in a disabled persons parking place without clearly displaying a badge. I was at crown point for 10-15 mins with my dad who has a valid disabled permit but cannot honestly remember if we put it on the dash. I have now received (three days ago) dated 3.3.15 and debt collection letter fro DRP recovery plus ltd asking for £160.00. what do i do any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks denise
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