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  1. Court date set for Feb 3rd -I have a few questions. The NTK does not mention the cost of parking that was not paid - I am going to suggest that they are in breach of POFA Paragraph 2 © inform the driver that the parking charges relating to the specified period of parking have not been paid in full and specify the total amount of the unpaid parking charges relating to that period, as at a time. Could this render the NTK ineffective? Also In their court pack they discuss the carpark is broken down into 3 zones and then state all the signs they have and what sizes they are. Never do they state which zone or entrance / exit was used therefore how do they know what signs should have been seen and therefore if the contract between driver / keeper and the car par can be enforced? One more They state in there court pack that "The Defendant, by physically entering and leaving the Vehicle at the Car Park therefore accepted the Terms and Conditions.” In my first contact with Excel I stated on email that the car was never left unattended do you think a judge would agree that by their own definition I have not parked the vehicle? One last one The original NTK is to Lease Drive which was sent to my wife on headed paper. I responded to Excel stating that I was not the driver - does this again breach POFA? Thanks everyone for your support so far
  2. I rang the court - they have paid their allocation fee and date has been set for Feb
  3. It still states transferred. That is latest comment in my mock recent transactions. Any ideas if they have paid their allocation fee?
  4. Apparently I have now been transferred to my local court - how do I check if they have paid the allocation fee?
  5. Having to go to court! What to expect, do you think the magistrate will kick out their claim??
  6. now recieved notice of transfer of proceedings - does this mean I'm going to court?
  7. Now received both a letter from BW Legal stating they intend to defend it and Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track - any help on filling it in? needs to be completed by 15th October
  8. Still waiting on a response from MCOL (they have received my defence) got a letter today from Excel Saying that my details have now been passed on to their Debt recovery team and will not acknowledge any further correspondence - any ideas what this means - signed by their litigation department
  9. Ok - thanks for clarifying. They do state on their letters for correspondence to be sent by either email or letter. Does anyone have any suggestions for my defence? I am going into too much detail?
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