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  1. Yes, I can understand that they dont have to accept NCB. But I want them to provide me with my previous NCB proof. The one which ended in June 2013, before that new policy started. I want that for my new insurer since it's less than 24 months old. Surely, they cannot reset my previous years because I didnt told them about SORN on my car
  2. Hello. I have unusual problem with my previous insurer. Back in June 2013 i renewed my insurance with MoreThan. And then after few months I declared SORN on my car and cancelled direct debit on car insurance. Since then I was not driving. today I called them about getting my NCB proof since I want to get back on the road. What they told me after I explained what happened is that since I haven't told them about SORN on my car is they resetting my NCB from 8 years to 0. Can they do that? I never claimed and even without that extra year I cancelled, my previous NCB is still less than 24 months (June 2013). Can I get them to provide me with NCB certificate dated before I started that new policy? How do I stand from the legal point of view. Thanks a lot for all the answers Edit: I forgot to mention that I do not owe them any money. I specifically asked about that and they confirmed.
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