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  1. I don't see how they can tell how many hours you have spent looking for work every week to star with, nor do the JCs have the staff to look at records in detail. At least the one where I sign on, the appointments are always under five minutes and they struggle to find a slot for the next appointment. They've only looked at my Universal Jobmatch once that I can remember, other times I think they can just see how many entries you've made in total without looking at each entry. They just haven't got the time to discuss what you do to find work. The whole thing has to be political, so as to m
  2. That sounds very good, can I ask what line of work you do?
  3. As someone who has done a lot of the above, I can say it doesn't really work that well, not when your background is in corporate services. Over the past 10 years I have had leaflets and business cards printed: some done professionally on nice paper stock using spot colours, some from Vista (not sure whether I'm allowed to mention commercial enterprises here, wouldn't want to look like I'm spamming for them), some printed at home on a colour inkjet. They have been for various purposes: photo DVD creation for weddings and other events (8-10 years ago, before social media fever), selling beauty p
  4. I shall ignore all those irrelevant comments posted by people who haven't got a clue what they are talking about and give an update for the sake of the CAG community, with my thanks to those who helped. At the time I posted on here I wasn't in possession of any written documents stating the reason why my claim had stopped, so I couldn't apply for mandatory reconsideration. I was made to attend a 'genuine prospect of work' interview at the Jobcentre. I went armed with piles of paperwork including emails from recruiters, proof of interviews, etc. They didn't want to look at anything and it
  5. Many thanks for your help, that's most helpful! I didn't even know about residence cards, it was never an issue if you were from the EU.
  6. Income based as I was invoicing as a limited company in my last job, but they know all that. They never even send a letter or anything. Got a letter end of Jan I think saying something about having more money than law says I need to live on which I couldn't understand so I rang the processing office that sent it, they said it has been sent with the wrong code and there was nothing to worry about, they checked on the computer. Went to sign on two weeks ago and there was no mention of anything, nor have I received anything in writing.
  7. Hi, I've just been to the JC to sign on as usual, asked for a letter confirming receipt off JSA and was told I'm no longer in receipt as it has "just gone over 6 months". Apparently you can only claim for 6 months as a EU citizen but when I started my claim I was told that didn't apply in this case as it was for new migrants. I did the HRT interview showed proof of residence for the last three months as required but tenancy agreement is 7 years old and date of first arrival in UK is 1984! I had my old passport issued in London in 2003, worked in the Cit
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