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  1. HI all, Looking for some advice on a French mortgage debt please. I moved to France a number of years ok to work with my uncle and his property renovation business. My uncle wanted my cousin to get on the property ladder (he was 11 at the time) and he had some money to put down as a deposit on a mortgage. I had no money to my name as the business was struggling and I wasn’t paid for a number of months. We managed to secure a mortgage on a property owned by my uncles firm the date was around may 2007 . I never paid the mortgage as I had little control over my finances due to non payment from the business. Funds were put into my account for the mortgage every month. I left France in roughly 2008 and shortly after I was chased for mortgage arrears via email. I passed this onto my uncle who said it would be sorted. One thing to point out is I never had keys for the property!! About a month back I was pursued by an international debt collector for the sum of £32,000. The property was purchased for 68,000 Euros. Apparently the property was repossessed and I am being pursued for the outstanding debt. To confirm, the bank have made no contact with myself about the mortgage arrears or about the repossession of the property. The debt collector has told me that the French bank did not have any details for me. However, he has forwarded me the European enforcement order dated 28 July 2014 and it clearly has my UK address on it. So, where do I stand? I am being chased continually by them and there next action will be registering the EEO in the uk courts? To be clear I have no assets what so ever. They have asked for a breakdown of my income and out goings and I have been honest with them and there is no spare income to pay the debt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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