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  1. Hi guys Bit of a dilemma.....I would appreciate any help/support or reference to case law/employment law. I have been employed in a role for the last year at £50k per annum I have found out through management accounts my predassessor was on £65k before he left Job role and associated responsibilities are the same (if not more now!) Organisational procedure insists that the org will pay median rate as a starting point for all benchmarked role Challenged HR to explain why the £15k anomaly. Requested to see evidence of re-benchmarked salary and also requested confirmation as to whether I am on the media anchor point. HR response was that' they could not find benchmarking data (albeit I said could this be because you never did one?) HR also unable to confirm whether i am I the media rate. My suspicions are that the salary reduced for nk good reason and the revised salary was plucked out air. Where can I go with this? What can I do if I have been underpaid for so long? Thanks in anticipation Abs
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