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  1. UPDATE, APPEAL WON! The Operator has not provided a copy of a contract between themselves and the Landowner which authorises them to operate at the site Therefore, I cannot find the parking charge to be enforceable by the Operator in this case. I have just donated cash to this site as without it I would not of had a clue. Thanks again to all those that helped me and I hope that I can help people in the same situation in the future.
  2. Just received a letter containing lots of pictures of signs plus evidence for the POPLA appeal but I'm at a loss as to whether I won or lost the case. How do I find out?
  3. Oh, I've not had any confirmation from POPLA via Email or post.
  4. Thanks. Just a case of waiting now then? I've not had any email reply back from POPLA yet, I presume that will be a while too?
  5. Now that I have appealed to POPLA, do I need to let PE know that I have sent an appeal or will POLA do that?
  6. OK, so it's looking they wont give me a decision for a while after the Beavis case is closed?
  7. cheers. Does it all have to be written from scratch or could I alter someone else's appeal letter providing that it includes all of the relevant points?
  8. I've been browsing through Parking Prankster's bog but I couldn't find any other peoples letters/appeals/templates that have been sent to POPLA. Do you have any links to them? Other than the non genuine estimate of loss, what else should I include? Thanks again!
  9. Sorry for sounding daft but what do I need to put in the letter? Is there a previously sent letter of appeal that I could look at?
  10. Hi all, just another update. I have received a letter back from PE stating that my recent appeal has been unsuccessful. they have mentioned about a court hearing between PE vs barry bevis and martin wardley and saying that £85 was not an unenforcable penalty (HHJ Moloney) They haven't identified the driver either in the letter but have given me a POPLA REF. Where do I go from here? Thanks in advance
  11. Sorry, yes, you're right, I hadn't noticed that it says reminder at the top. I shall keep you updated as soon as I hear anything.
  12. Thanks, so it looks like they havn't got round to bothering with a reply. What should I do if I don't receive anything in response and they try claiming that they didn't get my letter? The letter I received was identical to the first so as you said, that was probably a computer generated reminder.
  13. Hi all. Just giving an update. I sent the template appeal letter to PE (with proof of postage), only to receive the very same letter I first received from them 3days later. I've had no code given to me and no acknowledgement from them. What am I best doing now?
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