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  1. This is where I show my ignorance. I assume the DCA owns it but how do I check that? T&C I don’t know about. The only thing I know he comes under HCA umbrella which I signed a form pertaining to my personal details. I don’t recall reading anything about surcharges. I have checked the website legal section and cannot find anything. Also, email correspondence doesn’t seem to have any mention of terms and conditions.
  2. I have MBC on my case trying to chase an unpaid bill. I already told the quack I’m not paying for his consultant services for reasons I shan’t go into (it relates to unprofessionalism). if they want to sue me that’s fine by me as it’s a relatively small amount. However, my question is this: dca is threatening to add surcharges to the debt if I don’t cough up soon. I never signed anything so I didn’t think they were allowed to do this. The only (tenuous?) link I can think of where I may be wrong is for the most part, previous treatment by him was covered by insurance and what’s outstanding is follow up consultations which isn’t covered by insurance because my allowance for consultations had been all used up. Advice appreciated! Thanks
  3. Got wescot on my case. Have taken heed of advice to ignore. However I got unusual email from PayPal “PayPal has made a transfer between the balances in your account for the following reason:Our policy of converting all negative balances to E after 4 days” Now, I’ve told my bank to cancel CPA. Guy on phone was hesitant (possibly not knowing what I was talking about or under instructions not to carry out request, who knows). Anyway, he cancelled the direct debit I have and assured me no payments can come out from PayPal. I got txt msg from them: “Your Direct Debit to JPMC RE PAYPAL INTL LTD has been cancelled. Cancel it with the company as well to make sure they stop taking payments.” The cynic in me is unsure this has been sufficient action. Advice on that and anything else I’ve mentioned in this post much appreciated.
  4. I suspect the fraud was not done by the account holder as his account laid dormant for 6 months until happened. Previously, it was quite active according to feedback. i received a thinly veiled threatening email from PayPal stating It's very important that you address the balance on your account today to ensure continued availability of your PayPal account and to avoid additional collection efforts. for those suggesting they can’t do anything, can you assure me by stating your reasons? What’s to stop debt collectors, small claims court etc happening?
  5. I called. They wouldn’t give any docs to me because chargeback is still being decided by bank. I asked why the fee and they agreed to refund fee as good will gesture (I hate that term!) but explained it was a fee they charge as soon as an attempt to chargeback is made irrespective of bank’s decision. Will have to wait till bank decision I guess. Thanks
  6. Yes but it means I can no longer use my account. Also could they not just take the money from my bank account?
  7. I sold an eVoucher via Ebay. This was a John Lewis discount voucher worth £75 (sold for £70). I get contacted by PayPal a couple of weeks later stating the account holder was raising a dispute because his “account was hacked” and was victim to fraud. I replied to the dispute and gave evidence the transaction was completed in good faith including the voucher had been spent. During the waiting period before PayPal makes a decision, the “buyer” got his bank to issue a chargeback. PayPal added a £14 chargeback fee to my account and now claim they are helping me to dispute the chargeback with the account holder’s bank. My PayPal balance is negative ~£85 where PayPal are asking I add funds to bring it to £0 at least. They state there is no seller protection for digital goods or services. Any good advice is appreciated. thanks
  8. The companies house website lists the company name I used in the money claim under "matching previous names". The name I used I took from their website. The registered company name is the same except they've appended "& Europe LTD" to what I gave.
  9. A shampoo ruined my wife's hair through no fault of her own. We've been through the letter route. They only responded once and that was to an email we had also sent, but they acknowledged receipt of the first letter in that email. Exasperated with their denial of liability, we're pursuing them through the small claims court. When I submitted the claim online, the company address I gave was taken from their website contact us page. I'm now having doubts if this was the correct address to use as 1) their registered company address is different 2) The Royal Mail signed for letters never got marked as delivered - it was only by chance the email they had sent mentioned they received the first letter (with the photos). I travelled to their address and saw it was a business unit address possibly used for storage (i.e. a little smaller than a 2 bed terrace). What should I do now the 14 days + 5 days for issuing the court notice is nearly up? They haven't as yet (and are unlikely to) responded to the claim - it is tempting to just ask for judgement, but then I don't want it thrown out of court or find it impossible to collect from them. Any advice apart from see an expensive lawyer which would then make it not worth the costs of it all?
  10. Thank you for your quick response. Can you detail how fees like this can be reclaimed?
  11. I'm the freeholder of a house that's managed by Consort PM management company. They have recently sent a letter stating they will add unspecified admin charges and solicitor fees to our account for every letter they send regarding contravention of the covenants. Assuming this happens unchallenged but I refuse to pay it, I would not be able to remortgage my property because they have a charge on the land registry and I know from my neighbour's experience you can't get their approval for a remortgage unless you clear your account. This seems an underhanded tactic to get people to remove satellite dishes (which they haven't done anything about for the 12 years the estate has existed) and anything else they deem a contravention. Anyone with legal experience know if this is enforceable and how to ensure minimal inconvenience from anything that pertains to what they have threatened to do in their letter?
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