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  1. Our interest-only mortgage with GE Money expired last year and as we were unable to pay off the balance or remortgage, the Court granted a 56-day possession order in April 2015. A week or so before the court hearing we put our property on the market for £385,000. We have since received a date for eviction (28th July). On receiving this notice, I called GE Money and explained that the house is for sale (we'e since reduced the asking price to £335,000 as there has been little interest). They said that if we managed to find a buyer and exchange contracts, they would call off the eviction. Do you think it's worth us completing a N244 form and asking the judge to suspend the eviction on the grounds that we are trying our best to sell the property?
  2. Thank you all for your responses. I have two job interviews next week so I'm hoping to be back in full-time employment soon. If I have a firm job offer, do you think GE Money would consider allowing me to switch to a repayment mortgage?
  3. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me as I'm feeling absolutely desperate. Our interest-only mortgage with GE Money was due to expire in May 2014. However, in September 2013, my husband was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained brain injury. Since then he has been unable to return to full-time employment. I wrote to GE Money before the expiry date, explaining our situation and requesting that they extend the mortgage term for another year until our situation improved and we were able to approach another company to re-mortgage. Despite providing them with medical evidence, they rejected this offer. In early October 2014, they sent a letter informing me that they would take legal action to recover the £190,000 outstanding (our property is worth around £270,000). I phoned them, once again reiterating that we had kept the mortgage payments up-to-date and that once I had a full-time job, I would seek a remortgage with another company. They said they would consider this, but make no promises. On Saturday this week, however, we received a letter from their solicitors (Eversheds) informing us that they have been asked to represent GE Money and that we will shortly be notified of a court date. My husband has suffered with anxiety and memory problems since the accident and this situation is making matters ten times worse. Any advice would be most welcome.
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