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  1. I was unwell at the time, but my licence would have been returned because my doctor would have informed the DVLA was unfit to drive.



    I have the same link which you are sending me to - form which is headed Confidential Medical Information. The first thing is that I don't have my Driver No. The second point is that it is not an application form. The third thing is that I wish to report that I no longer have the condition.



    Do I just send the form with an accompanying letter?

  2. I had to return my licence to the DVLA 7+ years ago for medical reasons.



    I would now like to reapply for my licence as I feel that I am no longer subject to the medical condition.



    I don't have the letter which confirmed the receipt of my licence by DVLA.



    I don't have record of my licence number. Also I don't recall that the suspension was a fixed period.



    Can anyone advise me what is the correct process for applying for a new licence?

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