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  1. I have searched up more on this and i have seen people saying that they have to pay and stuff i dont know what we should do
  2. Hello, Its not me that is worried its just that my dad he will pay i need proof on were it tells me not to pay rlp like were in that link does it say not to pay rlp?
  3. Were abouts in that link does it say not to pay rlp and cold I have full version too please
  4. Okay, How come you cold not find the website again, And the thing is i can not afford to pay for anything anyway it was my dad that said he would pay, But the find will be massive the police said it would be in the hundreds, I feel so bad because i dont want him to pay, and that is the same for my gf, But he would still pay it i i need good proof and stuff to prove to him not to pay other wise he will, because he does not even know how to use a computer, he won't even but his bank stuff online, so he would not trust anything that anyone says on a computer i need help and need to no more about The RLP Thingy
  5. Thanks, and yes we will never shop lift again the police said if we attend the workshop then nothing further will happen but they have not said anything when or were, But how come i was only arrested in the interview they said that we was at the police station vol-entry and we cold leave at any time? And will they Contact my college ?
  6. Can any body help please? Me and my girlfriend went into primark, we had no intentions of stealing as we was meant to be buying a couple of bits for my mum when we got there we seen stuff that we wanted but didnt have enough money for so we put stuff into bags that we had we got carried away and started picking up more and more stuff! I noticed a man in primark watching us i didnt think much of it as he was just looking at all of the stuff but then we started to get a bit worried so we just walked out. I felt so relieved but then a security guard and an under cover security guard stopped us and asked us to come back into the store! They took us up the goods lift and took us onto the top floor of the store and took us into a room, they asked us to empty the bags and then asked us questions and made us fill out some forms with name address and number on it! They added up the stuff and it came to £140 they called the police. I asked the one of the security guards what was going to happen and he said the most we would get is 14 months barred from primark and half of the shops near the store he was recording us on a little camera recorde r that was round his neck and got pictures of us. The police arrived and asked us the same questions as what the security guards asked us and told us we had to go to the police stations for statements. The security guards called both of our parents and my girlfriends parents were in poole anyway so they came straight up and she had to go with them to the police station and the police officers took me in there car as my dad was going to meet us there. We then arrived at the station we was not held in a cell i just had to Wait for my dad to arrive, my girlfriend had her interview first and then she was aloud to go, then my dad got here, and in the interview they recorded me and asked if i wanted a solicitor any legal advise, She said on the recording of the tape that i was under arrest for suspension of theft anything you do say may be given as evidence something you later relay on in caught anything you do say may be given as evidence, But after she said that she said that it will not go to court she just had to caution me because she was recording the tape, she said that i have to go to a workshop and that i will be getting a letter from the civil reunion or something like that and i will have to pay a fine, But i don't have a job and i have been looking for ages so i dont no how to pay but i have seen people saying that you dont have to pay it, i was then aloud to go home with my dad and they said i to except a phone call or letter. I just want some advise on what to do now and will i have a criminal record, because the police never handcuffed me or put me in a cell or took my finger prints or took my picture, but the primark security guard took a picture ? What does this mean? and they did not say if i was banned or not they said maybe. they also gave us a Letter witch i have taken a picture and will post if it will let me about RLP or someting. We both no that it was a stupid thing to do and we will regret it for the rest or are lifes, and have woken us both up and we would never do anything like this again before anyone judges us, It was a moment of maddens we just got carried away. WILL THEY GET IN CONTACT WITH MY COLLEGE? Please can anyone help!
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