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  1. he has never had the car registerd at my address ..at all ..car log book insurance everything is all at his mothers address
  2. hi i havent spoken to mardens .as off yet ive being advised not too as it says on letter i have till the 16th march which is a week away ..i was told about applying for a charis grant help last night .and filled in a application online expaling my circumstances .i know this takes about 6 weeks to find out if i have being sucessfull with this but anything is worth a try ..
  3. u mean the log book to car etc car isnt worth alot only worth just under 500 pound but i had the debt even before i meet my fella .im even thinking off telling him to move out till i sort this mess out
  4. in 5 weeks time i am having the local council who i rent my home off coming in to fit me new bathroom kitchen etc as mine has being in property over 25 yr s so with work men being in and out for a few weeks i cant always garantee that my door will be constatly locked
  5. it has gone to high court i rang anglian water begging to take debt back .the balifs havent visted yet but i know i dont have to let them in im worry as my fella has a car have they got a right to take this .
  6. hi it was end december they took me to court and stupidly i just iggnored the letter ..my fella had just started a new job and we went 4 weeks struggling as he went to monthly pay so we had to borry off friends to pay the rent and to live bacically then in jaunary it was pay back my friend 600 pound out his wages .left us with not alot that month out his sallery ..
  7. i dont own my home its local council rented . am i best offering them a monthy payments i can aford or going dircet to local court see if they can help in anyway .?
  8. i dont own a car .. if i could pay it all in full i woudnt be on this group asking for advice ... i dont have much to my name infact all upstairs my home is empty rooms as when kids moved out last yr after being single mum ..they took beds n there own items with them
  9. it has a 90 pound complience fee allreaddy being added to it i only recived the letter yesterday its for water bill ..
  10. HI IM WONDERING WHAT IS MY BEST OPTION IVE RECIEVED A LETTER YESTERDAY FROM MARSTON REGARING ANGLIAN WATER BILL ITS A NOTICE OFF ENFORCEMENT I HAVE RECIEVED U MUST PAY OR ARGEE A PAYMENT ARANGEMENT BY 16TH OFF MARCH . IVE READ NOT GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND IM REALLY WORRIED I CURRENTLY WORK PART TIME WAS DOING FULL TIME HRS BUT PUB I WORK IN TRADE HASNT BEING GOOD SO CUT MY HRS DOWN . i currently live wth a guy ..do i have to declare his income to them if i phone them up ...?. im wondering if to go to my local court office on monday morning as im not very good dealing with stress off baliffs visting my home and asking them for help ..i would sooner pay them a amount i can afford .. any advice will be welcome .the debt is 1.400 .. ive only just got on top off my rent areaeas .and nearly finshed paying rossindales off from last yrs council tax ..and now this worry
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