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  1. Took it all the way to court and got the case dropped. How stupid of them to try & book me for that, just a waste of everyone's time and a lot of public money.
  2. Ok folks there is something missing which is that the car was a bit run-down with the bumper loose and probably enough so to attract their attention. I'm not at home right now so don't have the offence code to refer to. But they actually gave me 2 tickets: one for the tyre (which definitely they just spotted while wnadering around the car) and the other for the loose bumper. The bumper one isn't endorsable and I'm willing to stump up for it, but determined to dig my heels in over the tyre ticket.
  3. Cops came round my house last week and looked around my car parked outside. They asked when I'd last driven it & I told them I had done the day before. They spotted a chunk of material missing from a tyre and booked me for it, meaning I either have to pay & take points or take my chances in court. Thinking it through afterwards I'm inclined to go to court: how can they prove the tyre was like that when the car had last been driven? I never spotted it like that. Who knows, some ne'er-do-well could've come round in the night and sliced it with a knife. No way can they say it'd been drive
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