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  1. Hi Caro, They claim to be affiliated with a governing body but research shows that being incorrect, hence why they can keep people's deposits. A governing body like ARLA periodically check accounts to ensure such behavior doesn't happen. Regards, TDTB.
  2. Hi HB, Thanks for the explanation, as I said before I am new to forums. I along with 6 other landlords were with Alastair Stuart & Sly LTD back in 2004 to which the company was dissolved owing us a total of £48,550.00, so i've been following the directors movements for a while especially after the £28,000 benefit fraud which led me to M & W and then to this forum. I know that there has been companies in between them, their history I don't know. But what does interest me is how to take further action in stopping other from becoming victims. Do you have any advice on how to connect with people and make it a police matter and finally put an end to this? Kind Regards, TDTB.
  3. Hi HB Thanks for understanding! This the first time i've used a forum, I've read somewhere that somebody joined in with a handle (jclemo) defending LS with threats of IP addresses being reported to the police. Not sure of the legalities regarding naming names but it appears initials are used frequently. Are the site team a group of landlords or tenants who fell victim to LS? Regards, TDTB.
  4. My apologies, it wasn't for the post count at all. After my meeting with the police yesterday I was very riled because it seems all that can be done is to gather as many people as possible and to contact the right people, who will investigate and will pass it onto the police as a criminal matter.
  5. It's in the interest to make people aware who have been affected that there is something that can be done.
  6. Hi, I am a former landlord who is owed money from the same person but a previous company. I had an hour long meeting with the police today about the years of activity which has brought about so much hassle for so many people. Their advice was to get in contact with as many people as possible via forums and other landlords and to contact the "Action Fraud" You can report a fraud to Action Fraud! Can't post the link, but google it. If enough people report their dealings with this person then it WILL be investigated, otherwise they will open another agency soon and do what they do best (Take people's hard earned money). Please, please, please, pass this on or respond.
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