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  1. We moved address (business address) on the 10th march. alleged breech of contract was on 15th Feb. Just getting round to informing DVLA now which is what made me think of this. Also there was no forwarding address left as the post office wanted a small fortune for the privilege.
  2. Hi... I never received a NTK at all, although i did change address in the middle of the time period. Will this go against me?
  3. Someone said not to appeal...that if you appeal then you are admitting you are in a contract.. is this not true?
  4. Excellent... Thats what i wanted to hear I'll get it scanned over the weekend and post it on Monday for you to have a look at. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Hi... By parking "Div" i was meaning the muppet who stuck the ticket to my windscreen about 3 weeks ago. He worked for Parking Eye. I assume it is the NTK that they stick to your windscreen? This is the stage that im at, as i have not replied at all due to the fact that i dont see why i have to... I havn't done anything illegal and i havn't entered into any contract that im aware of...
  6. Hi... I received one of these Parking Notice's from PE for £75 for parking outside the white lines in a free carpark. I wasn't blocking or encroaching another space as i parked on the pavement just on the edge of the carpark due to the fact my vehicle is too big for there spaces (pickup 4x4). Is this enforcable due to the fact that i have caused no loss to the company? The pavement was over twice the width of my vehicle so i was not blocking any passage even by HGV (although if i can't park there i don't see why HGV's would need to get past) and i only stayed for about 20 mins. The parking div's answer to my "why?" question was "you are not allowed to park there".
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