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  1. No worries Joey. Reported accident today. Will hear from Health and Safety Officer shortly I guess.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother, I'll see what happens tomorrow.
  3. Hello all, I received some excellent advice from the forum at the start of the year in regard to a disciplinary matter at work for which I was extremely grateful. Hoping for same here. I work the for Civil Service. I am office based but spend around five or six days per month working at venues which are hired on a casual basis as and when required. I am required on these occasions to carry a laptop, portable printer and cabling, as well as files and confidential waste. I always travel by public transport (I am not a driver). In any event my employers strongly encourage the use
  4. I had my disciplinary hearing today. I received a written warning in regard to my sloppy record keeping. I would like to thank all of you who took the trouble to respond to my query. Your advice and support is much appreciated.
  5. I hope you're right, ericsbrother. I'll find out in a week or two.
  6. Thanks for your comments Emmzzi, they are much apppreciated. I'm mainly concerned because of other things that have been happening at work recently. Last year a new senior management team was put in place. Since they have arrived the new bosses have been throwing their weight around and morale has plummeted. For example, we had a Voluntary Redunancy Scheme at the end of last year and 70% of staff applied for it, including many who have 20 or 30 years service. They have instituted a major cost cutting exercise of which the expenses audit was a part. I am concerned that they wish to make an exa
  7. I haven't been suspended. Still working a normal pattern. Myself and my colleagues were audited in December for the first time in living memory and the investigation arose as a result of this. I accept that I have been a bit sloppy in my claims but the management in my office have been similarly sloppy. No concerns have been raised in the four years I have been in my current role.
  8. Thanks for your interest, ericsbrother. I travel by rail and bus to work. I am not a driver. I had my fact finding meeting today. I was grilled for three hours on every aspect of my expenses claims. There seemed to be two main areas of concern relating to subsistence claims and the recording of my arrival times at work. I am entitled to claim subsistence on days when not at my main place of employment. We provide receipts up to a maximum of £9.30 for each day and are paid appropriately. I take my own food to work so I asked my line manager if it was acceptable to claim for goods boug
  9. Thank you for replying. I guess I'll wait and see what comes of the meeting.
  10. Last Friday I was given a letter at work informing me that I am the subject of a disciplinary investigation. I work for a large Civil Service Department and have seventeen years of unblemished service. I should also point out that I am not a union member. I am based at one particular office but I am required to travel to other locations on a regular basis. The investigation relates to expenses and travel time claimed for these days. As far as I know I have claimed correctly and cannot guess what the problem might be. A manager from another region will be conducting the investigation.
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