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  1. Ok im going to run over the points you made lastnight
  2. No they didnt. They have sent through emails with each payment coming off £20 last thursday of month. I will cancel card tomorrow and call them confirming all charges have been frozen and get there bank details to set up standing orders.
  3. Ok i will change my card tomorrow and set up standing orders aswell. Better:lol:
  4. No i didnt but i have email conformation from all regarding the plan. You have me worried now.....should i have?
  5. Thanks citizenb, I must say i was very surprised at how easy it was to set these plans up. No real fight from these companys to get a higher monthly payment. Could this be because of the new law that was introduced for these PDL companys?
  6. Hi all. Can i first of all thank the people who were on here lastnight, they were a huge help. SAFETY NET CREDIT PIGGY SUNNY PIXIE MR L FERRATUM All above have agreed to a £20 per month repayment plan which is a huge start. SWIFT STERLING SATSUMA CASH FLOAT CASHASAP SAFELOANS PDUK All above i still need to speak to but this is a huge step today. Will keep you all updated. Many thanks Deelad
  7. Sorry just another thing. Do payday loan come out via CPA, sorry if this is a stupid question?
  8. Thank you so much both of you! I will be back on here tomorrow with updates Thanks again:-) I feel a little better due to the advice
  9. I have to be honest i didnt let them know of the amount of loans i had. I was desperate but i guess thats my problem , im just all over the place with this to be honest.
  10. Hi Yes these are all with interest included. I bank with RBS and have a £1000 overdraft which i use EVERY month down to the last pennie. Thanks
  11. Hi and thank you both for the response SAFETY NET CREDIT £450 SWIFT STERLING £400 SATSUMA £300 CASHFLOAT £244.80 PIGGY £110 SUNNY £500 PIXIE £150 MR L £350 CASHASAP £375 FERRATUM £400 SAFELOANS £120 PDUK £150 These are fairly recent mabey all within the last year. Thanks so much for the response
  12. Im in a total mess and this has now got to the stage of no return. First of all im a boy in my mid 20s and have fallen into the trap of gambling heavily. I have now been seeing to my gambling problem and have not had a bet in 3 weeks. Now here comes the mess. I have a total of 12 payday loans YES 12:-( SAFETY NET CREDIT SWIFT STERLING SATSUMA LOANS CASH FLOAT PIGGY LOANS SUNNY PIXIE MR LENDER CASHASAP FERRATUM SAFELOANS PDUK Im so terrified of the mess that im in i have not eaten in nearly a week. My problem is that some of these loans are around the £450 mark however after i have paid my rent and family i only have £240 left to pay the loans. Wht on earth do i do?? It works out at £20 per month i can pay each loan. Im off work tomorrow and im going to get up early and start calling and emailing my offers. Im now looking for some advice, What happens if they say £20 per month is not enough? Im so confused and feel sick. Please please can someone help me with some experience, go easy on me i know i have been an idiot!!
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