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  1. Ok im going to run over the points you made lastnight
  2. No they didnt. They have sent through emails with each payment coming off £20 last thursday of month. I will cancel card tomorrow and call them confirming all charges have been frozen and get there bank details to set up standing orders.
  3. Ok i will change my card tomorrow and set up standing orders aswell. Better:lol:
  4. No i didnt but i have email conformation from all regarding the plan. You have me worried now.....should i have?
  5. Thanks citizenb, I must say i was very surprised at how easy it was to set these plans up. No real fight from these companys to get a higher monthly payment. Could this be because of the new law that was introduced for these PDL companys?
  6. Hi all. Can i first of all thank the people who were on here lastnight, they were a huge help. SAFETY NET CREDIT PIGGY SUNNY PIXIE MR L FERRATUM All above have agreed to a £20 per month repayment plan which is a huge start. SWIFT STERLING SATSUMA CASH FLOAT CASHASAP SAFELOANS PDUK All above i still need to speak to but this is a huge step today. Will keep you all updated. Many thanks Deelad
  7. Sorry just another thing. Do payday loan come out via CPA, sorry if this is a stupid question?
  8. Thank you so much both of you! I will be back on here tomorrow with updates Thanks again:-) I feel a little better due to the advice
  9. I have to be honest i didnt let them know of the amount of loans i had. I was desperate but i guess thats my problem , im just all over the place with this to be honest.
  10. Hi Yes these are all with interest included. I bank with RBS and have a £1000 overdraft which i use EVERY month down to the last pennie. Thanks
  11. Hi and thank you both for the response SAFETY NET CREDIT £450 SWIFT STERLING £400 SATSUMA £300 CASHFLOAT £244.80 PIGGY £110 SUNNY £500 PIXIE £150 MR L £350 CASHASAP £375 FERRATUM £400 SAFELOANS £120 PDUK £150 These are fairly recent mabey all within the last year. Thanks so much for the response
  12. Im in a total mess and this has now got to the stage of no return. First of all im a boy in my mid 20s and have fallen into the trap of gambling heavily. I have now been seeing to my gambling problem and have not had a bet in 3 weeks. Now here comes the mess. I have a total of 12 payday loans YES 12:-( SAFETY NET CREDIT SWIFT STERLING SATSUMA LOANS CASH FLOAT PIGGY LOANS SUNNY PIXIE MR LENDER CASHASAP FERRATUM SAFELOANS PDUK Im so terrified of the mess that im in i have not eaten in nearly a week. My problem is that some of these loans are ar
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