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  1. Hi The LO was issued after April 2014, but the main point of it is can they legally chase their fees/levy against possessions for them? They were also threatening to clamp all the cars at the property unless I proved ownership, one of which is worth approx £12k which i would think would be a bit of an unfair levy on goods?
  2. Hi Yes I believe that had written to me at that point, I can`t remember what their fees were at that point though.
  3. Hi Can anyone help on where I stand on this Council tax due for £900+ to Coventry Council, court summons issued, court order issued, passed to Equita I since then re-payed the council all off the council tax due, via the councils portal and followed up with a phone called to check the amount owed was £0. This was done in November last year. I have be getting sporadic hand delivered letters from Equita chasing a further £310 for compliance and enforcement fees I wrote to them explaining that this debt had been settled and that the court order was as such no longer in
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