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  1. I will look into the charge-back, thank you.
  2. I wrote to Boots Optician's customer service address. I explained that to-ing and fro-ing with the branch meant I had already been 2 months without glasses and asked upfront for quick refund. Their reply ignored my refund request and directed me to resolve the issue directly with the branch (which is a franchise). I called the service number on the letter, and a manager brusk gave me the same response. I am now thinking of sending them the following letter, that I found on the Which website. It won't let me enter the URL (post count) so I have pasted it below. Wo
  3. I purchased a pair of glasses from Boots opticians, theses were unsatisfactory as i couldn't see through the reading part of the varifocal, the optician made me a new pair but I still can't see through them. I have written to Boots customer complaints for a full refund, they say I cannot have one and my issue is with the franchise not with Boots. I didn't know the optician was a franchise of Boots as the name Boost optician is over the shop door and all my receipts have Boots opticians on them. What can I do? and how can I get a refund? I d
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