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  1. You are right, I didnt think of that. For things like this I dont want to contact them. If you contact the owner shop in my place, would not you become accomplice? Could not Police go to you or something like that? I dont know, maybe I should forget and not come back to UK
  2. Can I send them a postal order being in another country and without giving any personal data?
  3. What do you mean with email them? What would you give the details of this thread for?
  4. So do you think it's not such a serious matter as many people are saying here? I didnt understand well
  5. What I was hoping to hear is the answers for the questions that I asked at first.
  6. @unclebulgaria67 For the record, the surf hire shop had hundreds of surfboards, wetsuits, gloves and slippers.
  7. @unclebulgaria67. My friends told me that they didnt give back the stuff, so the owner didnt get his kit back. What I'm thinking is that these kind of shop use to have an insurance for this kind of cases and the insurance company would have could pay to him. Thus, the shop owner and police would have forgotten the case (and they would not send me any email). What do you think about this?
  8. Are you saying that is irrelevant if I have the stuff or not?? How would you give back the stuff without them?? Yes, I know that I didnt hand it back, but I dont have any "time machine". Thank you anyway for your help.
  9. @renegadeimp what do you mean with get away with it? not go to prison or keep the stuff? If it is the second, I would like to remember you that I dont have the stuff. I say again: It's not so easy. If I contact the owner and see what he says, probably It would be worst for me. I could be given valious information or reasons to reactivate the case. Besides, probably I wouldnt have enough money to pay. It's not so simple
  10. I think as unclebulgaria67. I dont think anypeople is in the list. Would be a person who, for example, fought with another one (nothing serious)? Maybe it is as you said. I dont know how the uk system works. At least in Spain is this way. In the list just appear people who have done something serious (kill, drugs and thinks like that) @unclebulgaria67 maybe they could find out my name, through my email address or number phone. But I dont think they have my ID card at all.
  11. @dx100uk Thank you very much. Some of you say one thing, some a diferent thing... Anyway thank for your time and help.
  12. @grumpytosaytheleast I dont know. He just asked me my email address, address and number phone
  13. @unclebulgaria67 Thank you very much. I do appreciate your help and time.
  14. @unclebulgaria 67 thank you very much for your help and assistance. If I would be in the blacklist of airport passport control is one of the most important doubts for me. I am sorry, I have just realised that was @citizenkain who said hiring a car.
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