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  1. I have had the £6 charges before, they refunded them for me when I asked them if they though it was justifiable.
  2. Thanks for your input, I won't worry about mentioning it Things got a bit odd today with RBS though, I was chatting with the complains team via the webchat option and the person I was speaking to somehow got me confused with my mother (Probably because of the same address?) and gave me my mums transaction details over the chat log, whoops.
  3. Hey everybody, New poster here, I have been a lurker on here for a while now I am just wondering what other opinions are on this. I contacted my bank RBS via their online complaints form 1 week ago. I did not receive any kind of email verification from them to say that they had received my message, the terms of their complaints procedure says that they will be in contact within 5 working days. I have a disability and am unable to use the telephone because of it, I explained this in the message, I asked in webchat on Friday if they had received my message but the person I chatted with said they had not received any thing, but, she said that may be because it hadn't been 'logged' yet. this evening I went back in again to ask if they had logged my complaint yet and the person I chatted with said that he would get the complaints team to give me a ring, so of course I explained to him again that this wouldn't be an option. The conversation went a little something like this - RBS man: I will get the complaints team to ring you shortly. Me: I won't be able to speak to them via the telephone unfortunately due to my disability RBS man: Sorry to hear that dear Me: I will come back tomorrow and use the webchat RBS man: Come back tomorrow and we will transfer the chat, will that do. Now, I know this is probably horribily trivial ,but it's not the most professional thing in the world to call a customer 'dear', I am personally not a senstive person at all but it did come across as condescending and perhaps rude? I am just looking to see what peoples personal opinions are on this really? Should I mention it to the complaints team? I don't want to get this individual into any kind of trouble if he genuinly did not mean to be rude, but other people may take this the wrong way? He only seemed to become condescending after finding out I have a disability, and that does get rather boring and irritating (As does typing the bloody word 'disability' ) If he was being deliberately rude then I would mention it, but I am not sure and really don't want to be overly sensitive. Anyway, thank you all for reading my ramblings.
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